Mark was first introduced to the photography craft at a young age by his father- who taught him the time-honored traditions of film photography, from capture to develop and processing in his at-home photo lab.  In addition to the creation of photo prints, his father also instructed him on the proper assembly of prints into frames, separated from the glass by custom cut  acid-free mat boards, using state of the art instruments.  

For twenty years, Mark has continuously honed his skill and technique while continuing to find new ways to express his vision of the world in which we all share and live.  He has an insatiable desire to highlight the small. fleeting moments into the permanent record of our time- because our ever-changing world is the ever-changing sum of moments perfectly, or imperfectly, molded together.  

The purpose of this website is to provide galleries and notes for his 365 Project for 2016, and if successful, will be published in a beautiful hard cover text in 2017.  


“To look back on one’s life in satisfaction, is to live twice.” -Khalil Gibran