Jersey Shore


July 16, 2018

A long time ago I formed the opinion that we, as people, are incredibly nomadic; however, that is not to say that we are supposed to be nomadic.  Based on my own experiences, I am never so happy and at a general state of peace and calm as when I am in my hometown and the surrounding neighborhoods- namely, Avon-By-The-Sea.  Aptly named.

Sure, some people are born in absolute war zones with incredible rates of poverty.  Still, others are born on a silver spoon or in some of the best vacation towns in the Caribbean. But that is their world.  If I relocated to either scenario- either incredibly golden or incredibly war-torn, I believe that even though I might really enjoy the one just as I would hate the other- in no instance will I feel that natural state of calm.  That state of knowing my neighborhood, my neighbors, my way of life.


I almost passed up the trip to the shore last Tuesday because I was tired, or was going to work on our Florida room some more, or some other thing that I cannot remember.  Matil suggested that I go anyway and I am so happy that I did.  Even though I left a little bit later than I should have and had to get punished by North Jersey traffic along the way.


But traffic dissipated as I push further against the normal flow of commuters as I was heading south to the beach while they all pushed northward to the city.


And then, an hour or so later, I was met by the single greatest sign on the Garden State Parkway.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.00.38 AM

I started my day with a decent 5K run in the space between Avon to Spring Lake- covering the full length of Belmar.  Yes, our towns are often small but they are far from insignificant!


Bing’s PEC/SPK

Afterwards I found a great parking spot under one of the few shade trees on the east end of Garfield Avenue and took this awesome pork roll egg & cheese (with salt pepper ketchup) from Bing’s Deli down the street.  Simply awesome!


What I love most about the Jersey Shore, especially here, is how our order of things goes Ocean-Sand-Boardwalk-Street-Houses of the well-to-do.  Notice here how far the eye can see in the photo- and every inch of it is public beach with unobstructed views of the ocean from the boardwalks and Ocean Avenues.

In other words, we have miles and miles of absolutely unobstructed views of the 100% publicly accessible beach that is clean, safe, and combed daily.  We have boardwalks that are in absolutely stellar condition.  We do not have the need to snake our ways while schlepping beach chairs and umbrellas between tiny slithers of alleys that exist between mega-mansions of people who rarely occupy them like in Florida.  This is a really big deal.  So much of big deal that I’d take the Jersey Shore with our miserable winters and colder water over the Floridian tropics any day of the week.


Beach Babes

I did not add color to her hair.  The color in her hair is why I needed to steal this snapshot of her.  Think what you like but she is still going to happily spend her day staring at the Atlantic from the nicest beach town New Jersey has to offer.


We have shade benches, too.


And plenty of sand.


There is so much that makes the Jersey Shore the Jersey Shore.  Below I’d like to share gallery of the beautiful real estate- and this is just Garfield Avenue!  You should be able to click the first one and scroll through larger pictures, if you like.  I am pretty happy with the way these shots came out so I hope you do as well-

The sky was perfect, the temperature was perfect, and the sum was simply that the day was perfect.


Miss Belmar Princess party boat (fishing) returning to the Manasquan Inlet with the historic Belmar fishing pier in the background.  I do not know how, but even though the beach has been destroyed several times through violent storms, this pier seems to withstand anything nature has thrown its way!


Just for nostalgia’s sake, here is the Belmar Bridge. : )


And for my Dad’s nostalgia- Vic’s. : )


Ocean Grove, New Jersey, must be the original Jersey Shore community.  This one is for my Mom’s nostalgia.  : )  The homes here are very large and very old- most of which are maintained to perfection.  Here I am looking towards Ocean Grove from the lake that separates it from Asbury Park- which has been the bane of the Shore’s existence for the past 40 or so years when some ignorant riots burnt down the resort town.

Normally, you would just quickly drive through Asbury park treating green lights like green lights and red lights the same as green!


But it is coming back to life in fantastic order!  The building on the right stands where some scam of a tower sat half-constructed and abandoned for decades.  They tore it down and even though you cannot tell in this still image- the crane was in full swing and the crews were actively assembling this beachside hotel.  But even still- the same holds true- it is Ocean-Sand-Boardwalk-Road.  The hotel does not prevent the casual stroll of beach-goers traversing across or from one end to the other.

On the left is the Paramount Theater where my Dad can comment below with some history there. (Hint)


The Stone Pony has significantly increased its real estate!


And we have ducks, geese, flamingos, and what appears to be a dragon in that lake between Ocean Grove and Asbury park.


Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Jersey Shore

  1. Barb & George sent me this link. I grew up in S. Jersey just outside of Atlantic City and have been residing in Central Maine for the past 7 years.. The coast of Maine is beautiful, but there is nothing like the Jersey Shore. I actually introduced Taylor Pork Roll and Scrapple to George! We have it special ordered to a local supermarket. Great pictures!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. another great article and pictures Mark. it makes me want to move to NJ! SO THANKFUL for the short time I got to spend there with my dear Uncle Wilson and your mom and dad and Janie! it’s a whole new world… love it.. the pork roll…not so much…:) Barb Brochu


  3. I lived in South Jersey for 27 years,1980-2007. I lived in Gloucester Township and worked all over South Jersey for almost 20 of those 27 years. I had a second home “down the shore” near Wildwood and Cape May. I used to go down there every weekend after meeting my late husband in 1997. I loved New Jersey then and now. I will be coming up there in October for my Grandsons wedding and staying quite a while because of all my friends. You are absolutely correct about the Jersey Shore being better than Florida. I’ve lived there also. You didn’t mention “Scrapple” as one of your foods. Perhaps, that is only a Philly-South Jersey food. If cooked correctly it is great! Your Mom and I are very good friends and I hope to meet you and your wife one day. Great article and terrific pictures.


    1. I have actually never tried scrapple, and right now I am trying to think if I actually have heard of it or am just thinking of the game scrabble! I googled it and it looks good so I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. Thanks for reading!


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