February 24, 2018

Short post about a little project that worked out just great- so great that Making Furniture Great Again might just become a new hobby.

Lately I have become ever-so-critical of where all my pennies are going.  I prefer them to go into the penny jar.  Anywhere else, under almost every scenario, is met with a very high level of scrutiny.  With that in mind, I was not happy with the idea of replacing my armoire for a chest of drawers or something like that at the tune of $way-too-much-money.  Nor was I happy with the idea of spending pennies on some cheap (made, not priced) imported plastic or rust-prone metal thing to put inside.  But I did need a shelf.

When we bought this big thing around a decade or so ago, it worked perfectly for the television set in our bedroom.  Well, that TV broke and since we were also perpetually broke, that spelt the end of television in the bedroom.  As it turns out, it was a good idea to rid the room of television.  And everything else that emits even the smallest amount of light.


So the grand compromise was this sheet of fine 3/4″ Birch plywood from the plywood store, along with the small section of dental molding to cover the plies (plys?) in the wood.  A couple coats of English Oak stain, and three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane later, I was ready to make the upgrade.


I bought these same shelf hangars that are used for the other shelf in the armoire because they have the hole in them which allows me to drop a screw through the hangar and in to the plywood once it is installed in the armoire.  The screw prevents that annoying shelf slide that would otherwise occur as I grab my finest socks.

The anchors have a 1/2″ stud and the walls of the armoire are just 3/4″ wide.  A little piece masking tape on the drill bit ensures I do not drill too deeply and send the bit right through the armoire!


I used masking tape as a writing surface so I could make my pencil marks and ensure everything was perfectly square and level from front to back, and left to right.


That Phillies box has been in my possession since I was a very young child.  I didn’t smoke cigars as a very young child, but I acquired that box from my Uncle and within it was some ‘N’ scale toy model train stuff.  Anyway, it holds some knickknacks now and I should probably upgrade it but…  I dunno, maybe in a couple decades.  The smaller box to the right is about equally as old.  But, I digress…


More importantly,I am very pleased at how closely matched the new shelf is with the existing cabinet!  All told, I spent about $30 on this and now my armoire is as least doubly as useful as it was just a day ago!

I do not care for the template cutouts in the back wall, but again, this thing was made back when TVs were wide and needed cutouts in the back of furniture.  It wasn’t all that long ago…  but long enough.



Your thoughts?

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