Winter’s Last Dance

Snow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

February 19, 2018

We have been fortunate to have a very mild winter with only a few snowstorms- none of which kept the ground covered in fresh powder for long.  This weekend; however, provided a unique scenario that must have had photographers from all around the Tri-State region jumping up and down!

Saturday morning started like any other winter day, but by about lunch time the well-forecasted weather system moved in, and to my complete surprise, it began snowing almost perfectly on cue at 5pm.  By 7pm, it began to stick and by about 10pm we had just enough on the ground to make it pretty but without much headache for traveling.  So here is what we had to work with Saturday evening-


(Group shots can be clicked for somewhat enlarged versions)

And here is my last view before bed:

Snow, winter, Passaic, New JerseySnow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

This all would seem very normal, except that it hit 60 degrees just a few days ago and as been well into the 40s and low 50s recently.  First I thought the forecast would be wrong and we would just see rain.  Then when it began to snow, I surely thought nothing would stick.  How wrong I was!  Whats more is that the next morning forecasted well into the 40s as well!  And get this: clear skies beginning prior to dawn! With very little wind!

With the exception of the two tiny little clouds that you see in that first photo, the forecast was spot-on and it created conditions for capturing a great snow scene from the neighborhood, and I could do this without freezing as well!  It was all too perfect.

Snow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

So while Joey and I had the fun the night before, Sunday would be Mandy’s turn to stretch her legs a bit.


I put her on the fifty foot lead and let her run around, tangling me and the trees in the process, and tried to grab some shots.

Fujifilm’s Color Chrome profile seems to match winter scenes absolutely perfectly.  I find it adds a perfect amount of crispness to cold scenes with its emphasis on blues, while leaving the yellows untouched and the reds muted.  Very little processing was necessary for these files and most of them are jpeg files from the camera.  With my computer getting taxed enough as it is with iTunes bumping and websites tabbing, I try to avoid the grief of processing raw files when I can.

Snow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

The Yantacaw River Park in Passaic, adjacent to the train station, is part of the Passaic park system that runs along many portions of the Third River.  The river flows from the Woodland Park Reservoir in Paterson to the Passaic River in Newark, where it then empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Snow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

The River has a long history of property and city boundary lines dating back to the earliest parts of Dutch colonial America in the 1600s.  You can read a brief passage about it here.

But for today, I was so pleased with the clean skies, perfect sunrise, and the sense of purpose by being outside to make a memory of it all.


It is a very rare treat to have 4-6 inches of snow dropped in the afternoon, witch clearing skies overnight and a perfect photo opportunity to take some photographs and run Mandy at the same time, and then have most of it melt away during the next afternoon.

Snow, winter, Passaic, New Jersey

I love to watch Mandy run!

That very melting created a perfect opportunity to work my way through a six mile run around lower Manhattan with my Hero brother from Gwinnett.  How great that was-

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots.





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