September 16, 2017

Not that it is necessary to mention that all one needs to do to have a great time in New York City is to be there…

…but I’ll mention it anyway:  I have thoroughly enjoyed the past few years, as it has allowed me to see and work within the confines of Manhattan on her sunniest days, coldest nights, most aggravating times, and of course the best of times.


Like a strong marriage, everything she has presented me with has been met with a wide range of emotions… most of them splendid… and that has always forced me to smile when I look back at my short time here.


And I tell myself I would not change a thing.


Matil would probably tell you I am lying my ass of right now because I have plenty of complaints about New York City.  The rats.  The “fake homeless.”  The junkies.  The thiefs.  The scam artists.  The LITTER!


However, those are only things that my senses notice in the present.  They are not the things I remember when looking back.


It is true that I often think I want to do a photo documentary of some of the problems urban living presents, but in the end, I do not photograph it.  I walk past it.  I say the hell with it.  Why?


Because New York City demands to constantly remind you of two absolutes:

  1. You simply cannot enjoy the sun without the rain.
  2. It rains hard here.  So the sun, when where it shines, is blindingly bright.


Focus on the sun.  In New York City, you do not even have to look for it.  It will find you.  Day or night.  Uptown or downtown.  Manhattan or Queens.  Lower East Side or the Upper West Side.

It will find you.  Do not avert your eyes towards the shadows.  Instead, bask in its glow.

“The city so nice, they named it twice.”

The sun found me on my commute to work on Friday, September 1st.  Part of my daily commute is walking from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Grand Central Terminal.  It is a 10-15 minute walk that is largely spent heading down 42nd Street.  Most of the walks are uneventful for anything other than my Fitbit step counter, but tonight I was met with a little impromptu car show!

These are not he sort of cars I would “buy,” nor are they the sort of car I would find particularly utilitarian…  but they are works of art.  Not everybody must have the same vision for what a car should be…  otherwise we all might just be driving a flat gray Taurus.

But a casual glance at these was not enough.  A long hard stare was necessary to truly appreciate the effort that went in to creating these rides that seem more out of a video game than real life.

So then after awhile, I was back on my way to work.  Not a penny poorer in my wallet, but certainly a few dollars richer in my mind.

And then I thought to myself…

What a kickass commute this is…

These photographs were captured with the Sony RX100IV compact camera and a pocket tripod that I balanced on the street or my book bag (for slightly higher elevation).  By using the tripod, I could take long exposures to blue people and moving cars while simultaneously keeping the ISO at its native 125 setting.

Your thoughts?

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