Movies in the Park


July 15, 2017

There are probably zillions of photographs taken in and around NYC, but of those I would guess the overwhelming majority are taken in broad daylight.  

If I had to guess why, it is because even though this is the city that never sleeps…  most people are in that tourist-y mood during the daytime and the evening is where all we want to do is relax, absorb, entertain, or relish in the majesty of this city.

So the other night when I happened to work a later shift than normal, I was happy to head towards home while walking through the blue hour of sunset, and post sunset, where the sky turns that amazing shade of blue and the buildings are half lit by sky and half lit by streetlamp and other electric lights.  It adds a glow, like you see here at the NY Public Library, that simply cannot be duplicated in the strong afternoon sun.

But more than nice chances to take some snapshots… I was able to learn about this:


Behind the library is Bryant Park.  Here, people were gathering for free movies under the stars, hosted by the NYC parks Department.  In the background, a large screen was in the process of getting set up and I wondered what the movie was going to be…

…I never found out because I knew I had only about a minute to snap a photo and then continue on my way to Port Authority so I didn’t miss my bus ride home.

BUT- here is a list of the upcoming films and locations on the NYC Parks website.

Your thoughts?

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