It is Cheaper to Shop for Clothes…


July 8, 2017

You know…  I was about to write a self loathing post about how I am so irresponsible because I have been in a near constant state of purchasing, examining, and selling (or returning) cameras and related gear ever since 2012 when I relocated from 850 miles from B&H Photo-Video to a mere 9 miles from their superstore.

But that changes now.  I was going to once again post a gallery of my eBay photos of the gear, like I have done in the past, but I choose not to.

That camera you see above?  It is probably the best camera anyone can buy, unless you want to explore insanely expensive cameras that start around three grand before you get into the lens choices…

I am not going to spend that kind of cash on a camera.  Others will because of the stuff I was trying to explain here.

But the Fujifilm XT-2 is a special camera, with a special assortment of lenses.  And the guys in Tokyo know it because they charge a special price that falls healthily above what is reasonable, but just shy of absolutely absurd.

I sold that camera you see above last week.  And all the lenses.

That’s right.  My favorite camera, with my favorite lenses.  They all were in spectacular condition and they all met the chopping block.

Just like countless others before it.


Cuz I am crazy.

Don’t believe me?

What if I said I was going to buy them again.


Maybe.  Probably.


Crazy, but not crazy.

Because now I know.  And that is a big difference from assuming.

But it is not like it is all money down the toilet, either.  It is just some money down the toilet which I like to refer to as my own personal “rental fee.”

You see, If I buy something for $1, and sell it six months later for $0.85, then really I did not spend a dollar.  I spent $0.15.  And I am ok with that, and that small 15% cost is about all I really lose.  I would like to have a positive return on investment, but so would everybody else…

Anyway, I don’t know where my mind is right now but one thing holds true:

I enjoy writing, I enjoy taking photographs.  I have not done either of those two things in awhile and that has had an effect on me.  Time will tell if I can get back in to the swing of things.




Your thoughts?

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