LTC 5K 2017:11


April 28, 2017

Well as per usual, once the weather breaks we all dive in to many activities in order to shake off the winters blues as fast as possible.  And as per usual, I keep clicking away with whatever camera I happen to have on me and the backlog of short articles I want to write builds and builds.

Anyway, what we have here is a sampling ion the 3,500 people that attend the Lincoln Tunnel 5K in support of the Special Olympics.  As it turns out, running from New Jersey to NYC under the Hudson and back works out to 3.2 miles, so they have been having this race annually to help the Special Olympics athletes, as well as help the rest of us kick the winter fat off-


I forget just when Matil bought me these Saucony shoes, but this day was their retirement day with nearly 400 miles logged on them!

IMG_7470 (1)

Pre race stretch.


Post-race happy.

Alright, alright.  I know that these iPhone snaps are just whatever.  But this little post is written for those that know us best and to share another little tidbit that makes living in the trial-state so neat.

Til next time-




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