Commuter Series 2017:06


April 8, 2017

Last week, as many of you may recall, NJ Transit suffered a very minor derailment in Penn Station and then a lack of leadership on Amtrak’s part (they own the station and NJ Transit pays rent to pass through) resulted in nearly a full week of poor service for commuters trying to make it to work in New York from New Jersey.

Luckily, there is a second option for many of us where we take the train to Hoboken and then ride the PATH subway into Manhattan.  That was the route I chose, and it only cost me an additional 20 minutes each way but hours less in aggravation.

The above shot is of the new PATH rail station, which the Port Authority was forced to fund after the last one was destroyed by piece of shit coward-goat terrorists some years ago.

They chose the color of life and innocence: white for nearly the entire project, which we must not forget is the final resting place for thousands of people who were mostly just trying to get to work on that fateful Tuesday.


It is quite difficult for me to marvel at the beauty of a pristine, new, and modern subway station while knowing the past that it is built upon.  I tried to symbolize that in this photo of the World Trade Center station, whereas the new, pristine, and bright station has been built upon a particularly dark moment in our young nation’s recent history.  Although dark and somewhat hidden from view, this history supports our present worldview and we must never forget the shoulders we stand upon.


The oculus is as much a transportation hub sit is a memorial as it is a commercial shopping mall and a link to the World Trade Center and the Financial District in lower Manhattan.  All these elements come together in a marvelous, and necessary, fashion.


I believe the managers of this space have done a fine and respectful job while still maintaining function.  The property is managed by Westfield, and you may recognize their name from shopping malls all around America.


But as I said, it is not simply a mall.


It is a symbol of who we are and how we wish to be known and remembered.


It is also a transit hub.


That is still growing.


Still moving.


But above all else, it is just a small part of the greatest memorial to the day that should have never, ever happened.

And part of our memories.



Your thoughts?

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