April 8, 2017

I bought some new running shoes.  Well, I didn’t just go in and buy them, really.  I decided to go to a technical store called Road Runners (appropriate) and speak to somebody there that knows a thing or two about running and injury prevention.  So I met a guy with a number of marathons under his belt and is actively training for the ultra marathons.  Good enough for me, I suppose…

They hooked me up to the foot analysis, the treadmill, some other thing and in the end they told me what I was hoping to hear:  I have a very good natural gait, a good stride, and normal to slightly elevated arches.

This is all great news because the last thing anybody wants when pounding asphalt is to have some part of their body to go askew.

…And I feel I can trust their assessment for two reasons:  Abnormalities are more profitable so if they felt they could demonstrate how I might need something extra, they would have tried to sell it.  Secondly, this:


My current set of wheels:  Saucony Guide 7.


I am very proud of these shoes.  They are the first pair of running shoes that I have solely worn to go run in, and they presently have 381 miles logged on them.  I know that is not huge mileage, but I can certainly say it is most probably further than I have run in the 32 years preceding the gift of these shoes!  With that I have a very even heel wear and perfect wear on the launch pad at the ball of the foot.

I did not do a foot assessment before receiving these shoes and they are a stability fit.  The new set are a natural fit without additional stability- and from how it appears that should be alright for me.


While the Saucony have given me a very comfortable ride, I will have to admit it was purchased without input from the other brands.  After doing some research on brands and some input from my brother- it seems that there really might be some kind of special sauce in the Brooks.

Specifically, I notice there isn’t any shake or unsteadiness when landing as opposed to other brands.

As far as the Sauconys go- they are receiving a very special retirement party tomorrow morning when Matil & I run the Lincoln Tunnel 5k in support of the Special Olympics.

Stay tuned-


2 thoughts on “2017:09

  1. I’m excited about their retirement party.
    Glad you have 382 miles under you belt. That’s no small potatoes. Let’s see how many miles the new ones will carry you through. 🏃🏽

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