March 26, 2017

October 12, 2016

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For me, there is nothing else in the world that really compares with Matil and I spending time together, with our dogs, at the Jersey Shore.


This warm sunny day in October was no exception.

Any while I have looked at this photos myself time and time again while doing many other things, I have not taken the time to share these with the world…


Or more importantly, Matil.


I don’t know why it has taken me so long…


But they are here now.

Yet another glimpse into our recent past.

A glimpse at our personal definition of the meaning of our lives.


And what I am most thankful for is that even though at the time I had no idea what I would do with these photos…

…Even if it was nothing at all…

…Even if it would take me months to do the simple act of posting them on the internet in our very public family album…

…Even if there are only three or four people that will ever look at our family album before we become members of the distant past…

…And even if that three or four dwindles to just Matil and I…

I am so very thankful that I took the time, to properly record memories of our existence.

No matter how much hand-wringing exists between the snapshots with me wondering what the best camera is, what the best lens is, what the best computer or software or post-processing techniques…  whether to print pictures on paper or aluminum, or simply just to display them on television…

I know the future me will always look back on the present me with a smile and say thank you for taking the time.

Thank you for freezing these moments that are so unbelievably important so I can relive them again, and again.

Once the sand falls to the base of the hourglass, it will remain there forever.

Unless we are smart enough to capture it in our hand.










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