Commuter Series 2017:5


March 14, 2017

The winter of 2017 has been excellent here in the northeast.  We have had many days with unseasonably mild temperatures, very little snow to speak of, and a lot of sunshine.  This has made for an excellent winter to work through with running and housework.  It has been almost nonstop.  That is… until this week.


These first three photographs were taken Friday last week in Franz Siegel Park in the Bronx.  They are along the same commute I talked about the other day, except now we received our preview of this week’s storm.


I have not spent much time in the Bronx before (Surprised? Really?), but for all of its rough edges and stereotypes, I think my job is going to force me to find the pictures that tell the story of this neighborhood over the coming months years.

So far all I can say is I was surprised at the ridge line in this town.  My 10-15 minute walk took me from Yankees stadium on the west side to Morris Avenue on the east side of the ridge, and in that short distance the elevation must have risen a hundred feet or more.  This whole area is full of ups and downs… sort of like life, I guess, and it made me wonder if Manhattan was much of the same before they chopped out the ridge line that is now Broadway and made the bulk of Manhattan island flat.



This small pedestrian bride leads from employee parking to the subway that leads me from the work yard down below to the subway that takes me in to Grand Central.


It doesn’t look like much- but this small bridge has an incredible value to me.  Specifically, it is the difference between parking for free and spending an inordinate amount of money for garage parking near Grand Central Terminal.  So I’ll take it in any condition and enjoy the walk.



Your thoughts?

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