March 14, 2017

Hello again!

Third post today- but after this I’ll most likely crawl back under my rock and go on a school-induced social hiatus again…

But first…


I got a good nap in this morning since the snow was coming down quite heavy and I had zero interest in doing, well, anything really.  But when I woke from my slumber all was a wonder as I did a number down the stair-ber?  I looked outside and to my delight my neighbors pitched in and did the first pass along the sidewalk and front porch!


I have told them all it isn’t necessary (It is two different neighbors that come by), but it is their way of thanking me for returning the favor once I get the big beast out of the garage:


Ariens American-Made (and Operated).


I don’t mind the work at all- and as you can see, I am surgical with my cuts.  I explained to one neighbor that the Tres Leches cake they made me awhile back was more valuable than their efforts in the snow.

But in the end, it is fantastic having great neighbors.


All told, we got somewhere between eight inches and a foot I’d say, but the wind definitely didn’t help the snow drifts remain manageable.



I plowed a trail in the backyard.  I’ve done this before even though it is comical to watch them batter the deeper drifts…  But I am sure they appreciate it as it is now.


Filled the bird feeder and the birds immediately arrived to show their appreciation of that too-


The greatest gift from the Army was this unstoppable Gore-tex jacket.  This miracle fabric allows zero wind in, but lets the appropriate amount of heat out to keep me from sweating.  It is waterproof too, and I’ll have it forever I think.  It doesn’t blend in to the snow, so if you are taking a nap on a snow mound, everybody will know.


Anyway, back inside now to the cozy office with my bud Joe making sure the abominable snowman doesn’t find his way inside and mess up the new floors.




Your thoughts?

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