Commuter Series. 2017:4


March 8, 2017

Every job comes with its pros and cons, as well as its little perks and qualms.  Today I’d like to mention a factor that turned from a qualm to a little perk: The sights along my present commute.

Yankee Stadium.  Well, more accurately, the new Yankee Stadium.  The original stadium existed where you see the backfield in the foreground.  That’s right- the original batter’s box next to home plate where New Jersey’s great Babe Ruth is now open to you, me, and anyone else who cares to stand where the titans of baseball once stood and have our chance at sinking a ball past the 408 foot marker.


I took this picture from the train station because I was set of stunned at its proximity to life in the Bronx.  In the photo above, I merely panned to the right from the cover photo of the stadium.

Yankee Stadium, truly, is as common in this section of the Bronx as the grocery store or gas station in your neighborhood.  There is no long driveway.  It is not surrounded by an endless field of open parking.  It is not obstructed by some field of trees, shrubbery, and other items to restrict access from the community.  It’s just there.  On 161st Street.  And next door is apartment towers and corner stores and people like me walking to and from work.


Here we are back in Manhattan near Grand Central on one of my breaks.  A huge perk to working with a headquarters at the exact dead center of Earth is that limitless opportunities to take photographs exist- and I plan to prove it!

It was raining today, which means it was perfect weather for contrasty NYC B&Ws.  Here is a postal worker ready for his midday trek to deliver your mail.  And while I like this photo, it only tells half the story:  From the narrow alley where he appeared from was a steady stream of other postal carriers with their own carts.  I’d bet that there is a shot in my future of a parade of postal workers making their daily trek out into the concrete and asphalt jungle…


Who knows what we’ll see, if we really take a moment to look.





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