February 16th, 2017

Hello, everybody!

Small transition from the ongoing kitchen project to upload a few photos and a short story about an awesome NYC benefit that makes living here easier, better, and more fun.

New York City is a dog-friendly neighborhood of millions upon millions of people.  Taking that into consideration, it is both daunting and amazing that this city can accommodate so many different desires and somehow make it all work… pretty well, at least.

Central Park, the best park on Earth, allows dogs to run off leash during the off hours.  Specifically, this means that dogs can run off-leash from 9pm to 9am, daily on all the main parts of the park.  (They say dogs must be leashed in the woods, but hey, who’s looking?)


So what we are left with is an absolutely massive dog park.  This is not the sort of caged in dog off-leash area that is riddled with dead grass, chewed up tennis balls, and mud… but instead, it is the exact same grounds that are impeccably maintained for all the thousands of visitors that will arrive each day.


Rolling paved trails? Off-leash dog-friendly.  The mall?  Off-leash dog friendly.


Except for Mandy… because as much as we love this girl and she “seems” to love us… her personality would require her to run as far and as fast as she could the moment that leash is unclipped.  So I give her a 50 foot lead and it’s almost the same.


She is always 50 feet away!


We don’t spend enough weekends here, but from time to time we get to go because I have too drop Matil off for work on the weekends.  So if nothing else is going on, and the weather cooperates- then this is a great way for the dogs to start their day!



Ok guys- enjoy the slideshow of the rest below, and as always, feel free to visit my smug mug page for larger versions of my favorite shots!  mkwyman.smugmug.com



Your thoughts?

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