Home. 2017:2

February 1, 2017


So things are beginning to look a bit different in the Culinary Arts Center as we continue our quest for hidden gold and other treasures buried deep within the walls.  No luck there and so far no bidders on our home with its “open floor plan.”

Today was primarily a heavy dust day to begin removing the larger sections of Sheetrock off the original soffit above the cabinets.  These are generally hollow chambers that were constructed to eliminate dust from settling in difficult to reach places.  The new cabinets will be about six inches taller and then have crown molding right up to the ceiling, so the soffit has to go.  

All the wiring is easily movable and there were no hidden surprises, save for one galvanized vent pipe from the laundry room.  I might not even have to move it either, but I’ll figure that out in a day or so.

I wasn’t planning to empty out and partially dismantle the upper cabinets just yet, but it happened anyway.

Electrical is tedious and slow work… because I take great pride in doing it as perfectly as I can.  That is a lot more than can be said for the electrical updates made by those who “updated” this house previously.  I truly don’t know why this house has not burnt to the ground decades ago…  It’s like every time I open a switch or outlet cover, I’m like…  😱

Per code, we must have all the outlets that are counter level on a GFCI switch.  So the one on the left is a GFCI, and then the rest of the switches take there power from the load terminal of that switch.  It might seem like these six outlets are close together… and they are…  but I know what the future holds for this corner and all our chargers that will take up residency here.  Probably. 


Cameras and phones. 

Chargers for everyone!

So this is the west wall.  These are counter height outlets running off that GFCI switch.  

When the kitchen is done, there will be new high level cabinets taking up about 45 inches of this wall.  Below that will be a narrow L shaped counter that wraps right around to the breakfast bar, and then there will be the breakfast bar counter top as well.  We are gaining a significant amount of counter space through all this.  It is something like a 50 percent gain in counter real estate.

Wait what’s that white wire doing?

That white wire is fed directly into a 4 foot long LED pantry light operated by a nice switch just outside the pantry door!  (I was going to use a motion sensor to power it but two things: a) sometimes I might not want the light to alert everybody else in the neighborhood of my midnight snackeries and b) sometimes I stand very still and stare into the pantry for an unreasonably long period of time… in which case the motion sensor would sense no motion and then leave me in a depressing darkness while staring at through the cookies and into the deep oblivion.

So that’s where we are at!

Tile will be coming up soon, the cabinets coming down soon, and I can’t wait til the President’s Day sales hit so I can show you the appliance package we selected!


4 thoughts on “Home. 2017:2

  1. LOVE it. I love reading your blog always brings a smile and a chuckle. the more outlets the better. We have a huge cabinet/counter and one stupid outlet on it like seriously the microwave takes that one up and the rest of the cabinet which would work great for all my appliances holds nothing lol Cant wait for the next update.

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