On Specificity


January 8, 2017


Every now and then we stumble upon something so simple that forces us to take a step back and marvel at the genius that lays before our eyes.

I am not speaking of looking at a wonderful mathematical derivation that takes three pages to spell out…

Nor am I referring to the Empire State Building as a whole…

I am talking about the final touch that makes something truly complete.  Truly neat.  Truly unique.  Truly awesome.

Truly human.

Like a finial on a fence post stake.

Like throwing a shout-out to Punk Rock on a mosaic masterpiece in the Times Square subway station.

Not a massive shout-out…

Not an overbearing shout-out that clearly resides on the annoying side of the line in the sand…

But a small one.

A final touch that will often be ignored.

But to the observant, it will make us step back and say,

“Wow, there is a whole world out there that I have never seen before while my eyes have been shielded by the ‘busy’ and the ‘deadlines’ and the ‘bullshit’!”

So here is to the finials…

Here is to the important, purposed, and specific inclusion of the final touches that make it worthwhile to look at this world with our eyes wide open.

Everywhere we go.

What else will we be lucky enough to see?


4 thoughts on “On Specificity

  1. I likes it. Sometimes we need to slow down to actually see things more clearly. People mainly look on the floor when they walk 😉 so how to appreciate things right?!

    Liked by 1 person

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