Three-Hundred Fifty-Three



December 18, 2016

First Snow.

We had an interesting weather system come in yesterday- it started out bitter cold, then we received a few inches of snow and then the temperature almost immediately rose to nearly 50 degrees today!  With all the snowmelt, we were left with a very thick layer of low-lying fog, and so I decided to bring the camera on today’s run for some cool-down sight seeing at my local spot- Brookdale Park.



I am sure everyone has seen a photograph like this on a standard issue 1990’s motivational poster.  But it still makes for a nice scene.  This is a wide open field of grass, none of which can be seen today with the snow melt.


Wind-Swept Hair.

This tree on the right appears to have grown in a decades-long windstorm that none of the other trees seem to have noticed.  In all the mileage I have put in to the trails here, this is the first time I have seen this tree also.

I was happy to see that I was not the only one putting time in on the running track!  There were a few dog walkers, a few runners, and some strollers.

In fact… there was even a bunch of folks on the football field…


A little fog, snow, and slush wasn’t going to stop the local football gangs!  (Oxford comma for life!)

I was very happy to bring the camera out to the park today.  The rational side of me would have suggested bad weather might befell my investment; however, the more important side of me argues that moments lost to time absolutely will ruin my mental state.  So the fog created a different look to the images.

Today we say the hell with clarity!  To hell with vibrance!  Today we fight for the destruction of seasonal affective disorder! ; )


Solitude in Ice Blue


“We are out… and now we must be getting back.” -Seinfeld

Today, the battle has been won.




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