Three-Hundred and Forty-Two



December 7th, 2016

342…  hmm…  Well as it turns out, I lost track of the numbering sequence at some point over the past year.  $5 to the first person that can tell me exactly where the mistake lies…

Moving on…

Last weekend we took the dogs out to Croton Point Park in Westchester County, New York (Upstate).  This park is built on a small peninsula that jets out about a mile into the Hudson River, which is the body of water you are looking at in the above photograph.


You can also see the Hudson River in this photograph.  It is just behind Matil, who happens to be cleaning someone’s dog shit from her shoes.  So the moral of the story, as you might be able to guess…


Resolved and back to having a good time.  The beautiful yellow from the weeping willows are a nice bit of color to an otherwise dormant area where the trees and shrubs are all but tucked away for the winter.


So then Mandy spotted some Canadian Geese. . .


But I do not think she saw the mud, initially. . .


But she got through.

Oh, and a quick note at how awesome the Fuji XT-2 is:  These pictures were shot with the 35mm f2 lens, Continuous drive and AF-C with center area autofocus box.  …While I was running with Mandy.  How amazing is that??  I mean, try to wrap your head around how much dynamic action was taking place behind me running, holding the camera with one hand in front of me, and squeezing the shutter.  It is amazing I got anything at all, let alone about a dozen great shots, of which these few are the best picks.



This one is what Joey does when he is ready to head back to the car.  He points and leans. : )

And just a couple more snaps to show how dramatic things are when we actually get ready to leave the house:


Patiently waiting.


“Patiently” waiting.




Your thoughts?

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