Three-Hundred Thirty



November 27, 2016

Noir (nwär); noun: The black and white effect which develops both the black and the white in bolder capacity than the shades of gray in between.  See: every 1950s horror film ever.

In September, my Dad had an occasion to come to New Jersey and while it was a short visit for family matters, we still had an opportunity to spend a few days together and visit the city for some much-needed father and son photo trekking.


Presently, we are standing in the Oculus, which is part of the World Trade Center property.  Primarily, it is a transportation hub that is wholly owned by the Port Authority of NY & NJ.  From here, the PATH subway that connects New Jersey with NYC on one side of the building connects with several of the MTA subway lines on the other side.


PAPD Officer walks his new beat.


Unlike the way I depicted the images here through careful and deliberate processing, the entire structure is white.  Not cream, but white.  Not off-white, but white.  The marble floors are absolutely stunning.  The wide open expanse with zero pillars is absolutely gorgeous. It almost is as though we are inside the belly of an animal and we are staring at its ribcage, which never touches the floor on the sides.


Looking up at where the spine might have been located in this massive creature, we are see a gorgeous skylight that runs completely fore to aft.  Looking up at the skylight from a position opposite of where you would normally enter from the PATH subway, you are presented with the skylight’s true purpose:  World Trade One.


I should mention that The Oculus is like an iceberg in that more of it is underground than above ground.  Take a look at the above two photographs and try to imaging where “ground level” actually is when standing inside the structure.  Hint:  The bottom edge of the skylight window is the same bottom edge seen in both preceding photographs.


As you may have been able to gather by now, we spent more time indoors than out due to the weather.  We cannot even see the top of the Ghery tower on the far left.  (Click the link for more info than anyone could possibly need.)


Dad at the 9/11 Memorial Pools and Oculus in background.


Dad & I

We decided that since that since the date was approximately week past the fifteenth anniversary of the Day That Should Never Have Occurred, it was particularly fitting to tour the 9/11 Memorial Museum.


Man Viewing the Incomprehensible.


“Nothing will ever remove you from the memory of me.”


Forever in the Present.


I only saved this one photograph from our time spent within the museum.  It is more about preserving a memory of Dad as I see him rather than a particular photograph of anything specific contained within the museum.  However, I do not want to say anything that takes away from the truly remarkable job that the curators have done to make this mass grave site into something where each individual is carefully remembered, and the raw emotion is carefully displayed so future generations will understand why we must never, ever forget the events of that day.



Full resolution photographs here:  SmugMug


A note on the processing style for those interested:

These were all taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera, and I think just about all of them with the 10-24mm f4 lens.  These files are the RAW images, which were converted in Lightroom using some new profiles I received from Thomas Fitzgerald.

I must say I am very pleased with the results his profiles provide me with.  I still processed them a bit further to taste, but they provided me with a solid foundation that allowed for all the images to have a same general “feel” to them.  This is something I struggle with…  Typically I work image by image and the result is the images have a different color cast or “feel” as the nights progress longer and longer.

For about $4, Thomas Fitzgerald provides you with a fantastic short eBook that explains his understanding of Fujifilm and Adobe RAW processing and a breakdown of the dozens of profiles that he also includes in a separate .zip file.

I understand that just about the entire internet is in love with Fujifilm’s jpg files ever since someone said that is all we needed, but if you are like me and you know that you can get better results through RAW manipulation, I recommend having a look at Thomas Fitzgerald’s site by clicking here.  A direct link to the eBook and profiles is here.


3 thoughts on “Three-Hundred Thirty

  1. thank you for sharing…… the pictures and the words are beyond powerful as is your relationship with your dad.

    you are so talented




    1. Well thank you very much for your comment. : ) I wish I had posted these sooner… but much has been happening over the past few months. I’m beginning to feel like I am getting back on track though. Again, thank you. Means the world to me.


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