Three-Hundred Twenty-Three



November 20, 2016

We had the super moon last week, the largest visual representation since 1948.  The photo above is not an accurate rendering of what it looked like outside…  but it is an accurate simile of all the representations shown across social media that purported to be an accurate rendering of what it looked like outside.

Photoshop is a powerful tool, and it is becoming increasingly simple to use.  They even have many of the photoshop tools on mobile devices now.

This photo was taken in 2012.  The photo is real, at least, the above the waterline portion.  The Hudson River does not look so blissfully blue in the evening sky.  So I corrected that.  Then I added reflection because the Hudson River is water in motion, not a sheet of glass.  Then several years later, I took a picture of the moon, enlarged it, and added that, too.


It is art.  And like a painting, we are free to do whatever we want with photography.  We can make it as real as possible, or as real as we want it to be.


The media knows this all to well and since Photoshop is becoming increasingly easy to use and increasingly difficult to find evidence of its use in the final product, it is incumbent on us to be increasingly critical of any message that is described as fact, but is actually purely fiction.


Your thoughts?

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