Two-Hundred Ninety-Eight



October 16, 2016

I have to tell you… I believe I have finally figured out the great flaw in digital photography.  It has become so cheap to take an seemingly limitless number of snapshots, and we all click away with justifiable reckless abandon.  But herein lies the problem: I do not have the wall space nor the money to properly print and hang all of my favorite pictures anymore!


Look at the floor!

I simply cannot decide which few among the thousands of photographs that should be displayed in my home, or at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art… should they ever get around to returning my telephone call.


I cannot even decide on a gallery format!  Should I hang all vertical?  All horizontal?  Should they have uniform spacing?  Should they be the same size?  Should they be placed in random fashion?  Should the subjects match a genre or chronological order?  Should they al be printed on the same medium?  Same color frames?  What of the frame material, even?


Trending: Closer

So far I have just presented you with four photographs of the same gorgeous chandelier in New York City’s Grand Central Station- and I love them all!  How big does my house have to be to hang all four of this photographs without it looking incredibly weird?  Heck, how big does my house have to be to hang four of these gorgeous chandeliers without it looking incredibly weird?  ; )  Maybe that is the more important question…


And then there is this image, above.  The first four of the chandelier were all taken from the same position.  Sometimes an angle change presents yet another gorgeous “wall-worthy” option, as well.  So many photographs… so few walls.


Grand Central Terminal

So new mediums have been invented to try an tackle this program.  Digital images on digital displays.  I am not a fan of digital picture frames because they are cumbersome and of rather poor display quality, but I am a fan of the slideshow on our Apple TV.  The only trouble with the slideshow is that it still is not a print, and I still think it is better to have a wall of prints to stare at rather than a TV displaying them in 3 second intervals… but, again, economics suggest I learn to cope.



Food for thought.  In the mean time, here are the rest of the pictures of the day in a gallery.  Click to enlarge.

And one more from October, 2012:


Mom & Dad

This was from 2012 when my parents came up to spend a weekend with me and we toured Grand Central at that time, as well.  I included it here because today marks their 45th Wedding Anniversary and because while photographs of gorgeous chandeliers are nice, they pale in comparison to the people that are in photographs and how important they are to us.

And if you’d like to see a short video slideshow of the trip, well, I aim to please:


Your thoughts?

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