Two-Hundred Eighty



September 28th, 2016

It started out as a fine morning in our backyard.  The dogs were full of energy, the birds were chirping something about how they cannot get to the feeder with all of us out in the yard, the sun was shining, and all was right with the world since neither of us had to work and we also skipped the Presidential debates the other night due to an extreme lack of interest.

But then something happened in the very brief period that we went in for coffee:


Now suddenly the day of relaxation and leisure would be forever altered.  It is not that we hate squirrels…  it is just that they are insane hoarders.  We have at least six large oak trees full of acorns around our property.  There are so many acorns that- and I do not kid here- there are so many acorns that the ground actually becomes slippery!

Who ever heard of slipping on the green Earth??  It happens here annually.


You really need to take a good look at this photo.  I mean, maybe some of you have specialized training in squirrel body mechanics, but I find it very strange that his rear foot seems to be turned backwards so that he can hang inverted while he stuffs his face!


See how the foot is pointed in the opposite direction from the previous photo? Simply amazing.

I had no idea that they could leap five feet in the air.  I think that would be the equivalent of any of us jumping right over our houses.  And they are smart!  I watched them formulate a plan of attack and they work in teams.


So we went here.  We are bird people now.

And the result? I can assure you the squirrel problem is solved.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow or next year whenever it stops raining.  Because that sun from this morning?  It left in a hurry, also…

For now lets just look at a few random snaps while I was outside earlier:



Your thoughts?

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