Two-Hundred Seventy Nine



September 27th, 2016

Do you recall a way back in time when I went to NYC at dawn to take some pictures along the Hudson River at a particular section of the island-long park on Manhattan’s west side? (It was last week, actually…)

Well, truth be told is that what, who, I actually wanted to photograph was this woman.


I did not call her in advance of the photo shoot.  I say that with some sarcasm because clearly this was not a photo shoot.  That is not what I am into (anymore), as I mentioned yesterday.

I knew she would be there, though, because every time I have been at this particular spot- she was also there.  Along with her are her bags.  The bagged wrap she has on her head is always present.  As is the long coat, the long pants, and the self-manufactured shoes.

The only difference today is it is the first time I saw her standing along the railing.  Normally she is laying on some large decorative boulders and in the sunlight- bags and coat still worn just as you see them in the photos above.  She even has large sheets of plastic that she sleeps under.  In the sun.  Upon the rocks.

And it is not just September that I have seen her here.  I have seen her in the Spring and Summer, too.


It is abundantly clear that she has been in this particular spot before all of us, and intends to stay long after we leave.

There are many opinions about photographing the homeless and calling it art.  I don’t know the correct answer but as far as this woman goes, here is what I came up with:  I believe she is important as a human being, and her life- no matter what it may be- is valuable.  On the other hand, nobody likes the paparazzi.  So I kept my distance, never let her see I was looking in her direction, and took a couple snaps in a manner that I think is relevant and important.

What do you think about this?



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