Two-Hundred Sixty-Seven



September 15, 2016

As I was saying the other day, I took another walk in the evening hours to take a look at what happens to color when the Sun crosses the sky and battles with Set once more.  This infinite array of indigo to blue to orange and pink sky, with its matching pink and purple hues on the background skyscrapers and the deep, velvet green lawn is the result, and wow was this worth the rush hour commute I endured to return here!*

Here is the same shot from dawn:


Amazing difference, yes?  That isn’t Photoshop.  That’s our shared planet as I saw her.

Anybody with an inkling of interest in landscape photography, painting, drawing,or some other means of copying down the beauty set before our very eyes knows that the most important element is always time.  I have read this countless times, and I have tried to practice it, but I will plainly admit that this is the most glaring example I can remember.

The morning walk was something I prepared for, and there are a few shots I withheld because they deserve a post of their own (upcoming).  Because it was a prepared walk, I was moving according to a plan and was not expecting to have the landscape teach me something.  Not that I was being close-minded…  learning just wasn’t a thing I expected to happen.  I was focused on finding the pictures that were burnt into my mind from running.  The result of that is my previous post.


The evening walk was different.  I went back to the city in a little bit of a haphazard manner with the goal of taking some night shots of the skyscrapers, and possibly of the 9/11 Memorial.

All those plans were washed away when I arrived in Midtown with the sky beginning to turn for the “golden hour.”  I looked skyward and found the gray steel melting to a beautiful gold as the sky turned from a vivid royal blue to a toned, pastel blue.  I realized that I would not have enough time to get downtown, so I made a brisk walk towards the same waterfront park that I visited only hours earlier.

Suddenly I did not have a plan.  I am so lucky for that:


Sun battles Set.

The USS Intrepid Air and Space Museum is on the way to the 60th Street Railyard Park, which is the subject of today’s first image.

Just as a side note, the USS Intrepid is a US Navy aircraft carrier that served in World War II, the Korean War, and other missions during that period of time (including rescuing at least one of the Apollo spacecraft capsules and crew after they returned from orbit!).  The aircraft carrier has been converted into a beautiful museum with aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird and F-14 Tomcat, as well as one of our Space Shuttles.  Additionally, they have a World War II submarine which also has been converted to a guided tour museum and a British Airways Concorde has been permanently placed on the property as well.  I highly recommend this museum no matter what time of year you visit New York City!

Ok, so back to the story.  As I was saying, I did not have a plan any longer.  And that is when the real lessons are learned and the real beauty is often found!


Molten Steel

I thought the best picture of the day was taken at dawn… but no, not on the West Side.  On the West Side we must patiently wait. We must sip our coffee, spend time with friends and family, explore our neighborhoods, write a little blog post even, and then let the wonders of the universe magically align at that one special hour when the world changes from blue to gold to purple and pink…


The end of this perfect alignment is when Sun loses the epic battle to Set once more.


U.S.S. Intrepid

The climax of this daily battle yields us a colorful purple view of our world, on the West Side of things anyway, in a spectacularly awesome manner.  It makes the mundane appear extraordinary, and the already-extraordinary appear… other world-ly.


Afterwards we are greeted by Iah, the moon, who promises to keep watch during the night hours while the Sun traverses the netherworld.  The color returns to a blue for a short time before the sky soon fades to black.  We are left waiting for Sun’s return.


And Sun always returns.  Hasn’t missed a day yet in all of time!  We mere mortals then have the task of trying, once more, to find that perfect light from the perfect angle in the perfect location.

Losing to Set on a daily basis is very important for the Sun and myself:  It is the promise that we will have a purpose… tomorrow.

The end times are synonymous with the beginnings.

Time will tell prove it.


*I took the bus.  It wasn’t forever.  But it was a show that included a brief exodus of the bus driver so he could go talk yell scream at a Uber driver for driving… I don’t know, like an Uber driver.







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