Two-Hundred Sixty-One.


Recently I have come to the conclusion new rough draft in my lifelong and seemingly endless series of rough drafts that It is time for me not to continue to salvage dead grass.  Instead, I must rip it from this Earth by its very roots and dispose of it with an inappropriately high level of prejudice and then labor over the soil to prepare it for a new lawn- straight from the seed.

I have been watching this grass grow for a little over a week now- and it is producing fine results, just as expected.  It would be nice to mend the remnants of the grass that bordered our new patio, but frankly, this is easier and therefore better.

So that’s enough about lawns.

Let’s talk about what I am really here to talk about…


When I began this idea for a daily photo blog, I started with the Fujifilm X-T1 camera and assorted lenses.  The camera was a month old in January…  But it was the third time I owned that particular model of camera.  Yes, I know: I am crazy.

I couldn’t shake Fuji as much as I went nuts over the finer details of their 16MP sensor.  …And, obviously, I still cannot shake the attraction to their camera system:  I sold the camera in February and bought the Sony RX100iv, almost as though I was having a silent protest with the camera companies for constantly releasing fantastic cameras with just one or two flaws that made me feel the investment, and maybe the hobby itself, simply was not worth it.  That mindset is repetitive and short-lived.

In March (see what I mean by short lived?), I purchased the X-Pro 2, mostly because I was very interested in what a Fuji would be like with a more modern sensor: 24MP.  This sensor is made by Sony and thus, should be in the same quality group as the a6000 and Nikon D7200 (also a Sony sensor).  I was very, very pleased with the results.  The new 24MP X-Trans sensor is really what the X-T1 always needed to be, in my opinion.  The raw file workability, the detail resolution, and the dynamic range were now in lines with my expectations and experience with Nikon cameras.

…Except, I just did not like the rangefinder style and the much smaller viewfinder.  And lack of tilt-screen.

That brings me to another point…  Fuji cameras, and all cameras really but especially Fuji cameras, are devices that are as much about artistic expression as they are for creating art.  What I mean to say is that for many people, having exterior manual controls and dials like that of old film cameras may not have any value.  Additionally, the idea of using a digital camera on anything other than full-auto without ever considering that a photograph could be better than the algorithmic decisions made by a camera’s central processing unit also might not have any value.  And that is perfectly alright: “horses for courses.”

On the other hand, there are a sizable group of photographers and enthusiasts who understand the manual functions of a camera and actually like using some or all of those controls, while still getting the huge advancements that digital photographs have brought us.  See: hipsters, I guess.

For that group of people, I’ll say this about the camera that still has the new camera smell all over it:  The reviews, as far as I can tell, are accurate in their reporting of the updates on the Fuji X-T2.  For me, the camera is everything that the X-T1 was, and adds that great 24MP sensor.  As expected.  But, even though it was expected, it is nice to see that Fuji did not screw something else up in the process.

The viewfinder is great.  The dial looks, and thankfully the ability to unlock them completely- even when on ‘A’, works great.  The tilt screen is handy, the finish is top notch, and the thumb stick…

…Well, OK, nothing is perfect.  The thumb stick itself is as awesome as it is on the X-Pro 2.  I just wish it was a wee bit higher and a wee bit further towards the right side of the body.  We are talking fractions of an inch here, but when your fingernail chafes your cheek, you’ll understand why.

Additionally, Fuji, you really should have put a touch screen on this thing.  It is 2016.  I am not the only on that think’s so, either.  Click here for more opinion.

So that’s about it.  Great camera- hopefully I’ll find it within me to keep it this time.

I recommend Gordon Laing’s site, Camera Labs, for further and much more detailed reviews, and you can see his first impressions on the X-T2 here.

Additionally, if you have it in you to help me out, you can click here for my Amazon associates link to buy anything under the sun from Amazon- through Amazon, where the only difference is that a tiny commission is paid back to me to support this website so long as your purchase is made with the same window browser session as when you click the link above.  I don’t get a report of what is purchased or by who other than a generic statement that says X amount was purchased in n category.


Fuji X-T2.  It’s nice.


3 thoughts on “Two-Hundred Sixty-One.

  1. Other than I had no idea what you were talking about in camera language, I enjoyed your humor about short lived purchases. Hopefully this camera will meet all your high expectations and be a keeper. 😉


  2. Other than having no idea what you were talking about in camera language, I enjoyed your comment about short lived purchases. I hope this camera will meet all your high expectations and be a keeper.


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