Two-Hundred Thirty-Six


236:366 – Sony RX-100 IV


Ok guys…  something happened last night that was the sand that finally scratched this guy’s lens.  The straw that broke the camel’s back.  The drop that tipped the chalice.  The final blow.  The ..mpf in the oomph.

The. Kick. In. The. Teeth.

Camera gear.

Now I wrote my opinion about camera reviews here, but just to recap: Just about every single person on the internet and Youtube that reviews cameras the moment they come out is somehow getting compensated by the manufacturer or the distributors, or both.  That should seem obvious, I guess, but they try their hardest to claim it is not the case… Just like every politician that claims they are looking out for you!


Olympus OM-D E-M1

Anyways, I do not want to delve into a long tirade about these paid advertisers of new camera gear, where everything they discuss today is gold and the gold they talked about yesterday is actually not gold shit.  I only want to discuss what made me take a step back and call this industry the ripoff kings of the world. has been building up for about the last six months to a climax that occurred late last night.  The Canon EOS 5D Mk. IV was announced.  This is a new full frame camera body that will surely become the new must-have for every working-pro and debt-ridden amateur out there… that already owns a capable 5D Mk. III.


Canon EOS 6D

Canon released the 5D Mk. III and the Canon 6D back in 2012 or so…  and everyone in the Canon world was simply ecstatic, that is, until the “paint dried” on their receipts and the rumor mills starting speculating about what could be next.  So here we are, just short of the largest camera show in the world (Photokina in Germany), followed shortly thereafter by PhotoPlus in New York City, and then… Christmas!

The updates to the camera are pretty poor- basically, they went from 22 megapixels to 30 megapixels, and then the reviewers are already commenting about how the dynamic range is supposed to be better, the noise is supposed to be less noisy, yadda yadda yadda.  4K video because every photog is supposed to be a Hollywood-quality A.C.E. now- even though, time and time again, people find they get equal or better footage in 4K from an iPhone.

Same commentary, different model number.

And for this… they want another $3500 from each and every one of you.


Fujifilm X100T

But that isn’t even the half of it.

They also released a new lens- the Canon 16-35mm version III.


That is what angered me.

You see… the 16-35mm version I was not hailed to be the greatest of super wide angle lenses, but the damn thing took a pretty nice photograph and cost about $1,000.  That is a serious chunk of change for a lens, right?  I mean… there is no camera attached to the thing, and they don’t work well without the camera “accessory” attached, either.

But the 16-35mm version II came out and it blew all the reviewers away.  All. Of. Them.  It was the perfect ultra wide angle lens- sharp, great contrast, fast focus, good stabilization, et cetera.  $1300.

…And now, a couple years later, we damn near doubled the price for… what?  The same specification on the same lens, but reviewers and Canon marketing wouldn’t have you believe that.  Two-Thousand Two-Hundred Dollars.  For a lens.  Camera not included.


Canon EOS 80D

And this isn’t even the really expensive stuff.

There is so much of this hype, these rumors, and the price gouging that seems to have started with Sony and now is infecting all other manufacturers as well.


Sony a6000

Anyway, suffice to say for the last 5-6 years, something in the realm of 24 megapixel sensors have been the standard amongst all the digital camera formats.  The difference between 24 and 30 megapixels is not visible to the naked eye, and certainly isn’t visible in any print upwards of 24 inches by 36 inches.  And your 4K or 5K screen…  nope.  Can’t notice it there either.  In fact, the 4K feature of this new Canon EOS 5D Mk. IV camera only records using the very center of the image sensor.  Thats right.  It only uses about half the sensor to record 4K video.  So big whoop.


Nikon D700

Anyway, I have had it with these camera reviews and their endorsed opinions of what will make me a better photographer.  I am frustrated that the camera above, the Nikon D700, which I bought back in 2009, would still be sufficient today for everything I photograph.  Shame on me.  But this is my hobby.

So let’s see what the next purchase will be… and probably end up on my Amazon seller’s account shortly thereafter.  (That’s why I have pictures of my cameras.)

C’est la vie.


6 thoughts on “Two-Hundred Thirty-Six

  1. GAS sucks. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) And it’s not just in picture world either. It’s in every hobby and even most everything else. If it’s newer it’s got to be better. I’m trying to learn to be content with what I have, asking myself if it’s sufficient to my needs. I find most things are. But it doesn’t stop me from drooling. SHINY, NEW sometimes wins


    1. Haha! I thought GAS was a term coined by someone in the photography industry! But of course it is a term that fits many industries- as there are massive amounts of money and talent invested in all parts of the consumer market. It’s vicious, deceitful, and frustrating. ….But did you see the new Fuji?!? It looks like the perfect camera! And Nikon has some tricks up their sleeve, I’m sure….. Sigh… Lol


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