Two-Hundred Twenty-Two

222:366 222:366


Technerd post.  Squarespace failing me.


Hi, everybody!


This is not a photograph of a guy using a tractor to comb what has been rated as the best beach in America, as can be seen here.  I mean… It is exactly that, but the context here is different.  That guy on the tractor is me.  This is a self portrait of me working on this site to make it better… Or at least, more to my liking.


This year I began using the blog platform “Squarespace.”  This is a paid platform.  It is not too much money at all- a few bucks a month, but for that I have many excellent features.  One of those features is that I don’t have to know anything in order to create these posts.  I just edit my pictures, export them to the web, drag and drop into my articles, and then whip up a random assortment of letters and words with the fingers-crossed hope and desire that they land on the screen in some sort of coherent manner.  Excellent.

…So long as I am using Mozilla Firefox on a actual computer.

… ……. And herein lies the problem.

I am on an iPad.  I want to be able to get away from the fixed writing position at my desk (See my last post about this gorgeous new patio I just built).  Squarespace has an app- and it is a good thing, too, because there is no other way to blog on a portable device with this service!

…But the app is crap.

With my paid subscription, I have nearly instant access to a live person to help me with whatever I need to do with the program.

…Or to tell me that I was right all along with my assumption that certain things cannot be done, or at least, cannot be done yet.

(Picture was supposed to go here)

That is a problem.

For instance…  I started a blog on my telephone.  I lost reception when the plane took off.  As it turns out, this blog app does not save anything locally.  The app timed-out due to the lost reception, and my random assortment of words and letters was forever lost!


Ok… So I learned that I would need to ensure that I always have signal, or to use another app like Pages to write and then copy past.


I could go that route until I wanted to include images in the article.  No way to do that without simultaneously ripping out my hair.  (Not doing that yet!). When I include the pictures within the pages app, they do not copy-paste over to Squarespace.  If I copy just the text and place into Squarespace, it enters as a solid block template without any way to subdivide it so that pictures can be included between paragraphs.

I could, however, copy-paste paragraph by paragraph… But seriously, what is this, the Dark Ages??

Ok… So no biggie… I just have to ensure there is signal and then I can roll with it, right?


You see..  I had intended to include pictures throughout this little rant, but I cannot.  Not because the app will not let me, but because the app shows I have over 4,000 photos in my photos folder to choose from, but then it will only show me approximately 86 of them from WHATEVER RANDOM SELECTION IT CHOOSES OVER THE COURSE OF TEN YEARS!  And that selection of photos… Yeah… It changes every time I open the app.

But I did manage to get this screen image to load:

“Just use the desktop and let me give you this song and dance why we are failing you… ”

“That’s a No-Go, Priv…”

Sorry, Joana, but I did not take time out of my day to hear you tell me that even though you have an iOS App and are aware of this significant problem, that you guys are too busy to deal with it.  I mean… Did you really just give me the ‘ol many moving parts line… Like I was born yesterday??  I got your moving parts right here, Squarespace!

(Oh that turn off iCloud Library option?  Negative.  That option is how I keep photos in sync.)

It is not the Dark Ages.  We have choices.  We have auto site redirect codes.  We have credit card authorizations that we are happy to rescind faster than you can scream “Superman!”   This is America, dammit! 😎🇺🇸


So anyway, all that to say this:


I’m working on getting the WordPress blog page up and going again.  It will hopefully still post at the once I am ready, otherwise I’ll have to just use for now.  The WordPress app works flawlessly on the iPad.  It allows split screen view, direct import of all my photographs, and it saves locally and automatically.

In essence, it does what I need it to do.

So that’s that.

In the mean time…  Come on, Squarespace…  Let’s Make the Internet Great Again.



2 thoughts on “Two-Hundred Twenty-Two

  1. Technical blog.
    Wonder why we haven’t done anything as amazing as going to the moon again? See Joana’s answer to that question. 😜
    Can’t wait to see the new page. 😊👏🏽👍🏽


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