Two-Hundred and Four.



Like many of you, I have fallen victim to the mainstream media as of late due to the horrendous murders and attacks on my fellow brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement by a band of domestic terrorists.


Just like after 9/11, this terrorism has left me feeling lost, isolated, and feeling that I cannot freely express my true disdain for these heinous crimes.


But unlike 9/11, I am making a concerted effort to pull away from the media websites (we don’t have cable TV).  It is in no way to disrespect the Officers- but it is a defense mechanism that I used as a Police Officer.  I simply cannot wake each day and be constantly told that these series of isolated and ineffective incidents are the new way of life here in America.  It is a lie.


The greatest force to the preservation of the United States of America- our military and our police- will not be deterred by the actions of a few Manchurian Candidates, nor the puppeteers.

Beyond this post to say I wish to pay my respect to my fellow brothers and sisters, I do not expect I will speak much of these crimes in the future.  I will, however, carry these men and women in my thoughts, along with the overwhelming weight of attending Police funerals, to my own grave.


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.”

— Matthew 5:9


3 thoughts on “Two-Hundred and Four.

  1. We will never forget and always honor all our military and police officers. We thank you for your dedication in keeping us safe.


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