One-Hundred Eighty-Four.

IMG_0626 184:366

Independence Day.

Today I had a free minute from my major yard project to take the camera for a walk in sunny Brooklyn, along the riverfront park, where crowds were anxiously getting their tans on while also scouting positions for tonight’s fireworks display.


Well, it is Brooklyn…



IMG_0610 Timing.

Ok, so this one I am pretty proud of.  There is nothing I did to get this shot other than to decide to get out of the house and go for a walk.  We simply cannot know all that can be seen from our couches!  Some things are static and fairly predictable- like the Brooklyn Bridge and World Trade Center.  Others are static, but unexpected- like the “Yo,” because it is a new installation.  Others involve the awesome dynamics of people, animals, motion, and specific slices of time where we much actively search for meeting points that will be shared between a few strangers and no one else in the world.  Ever.

In this case there was the unexpected static of the dog taking a photograph.  The relevance of the dog is that he is perched just outside a dog park, which cannot be seen in the photo.  …Come to think of it, I bet there are hundreds of pictures of this dog online with the dog park in the background, or maybe even the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge spans, as they are at the dog’s back also.

But look at this shot…  this is original.  This is unique.  This is special, and it is shared between myself and these two people.  Nobody else.  Never again.  It is all about timing.

Again, all I did was get out of the house.  I did not sculpt the statue of the dog, or even come up with the idea to put the dog in a suit and a camera in his paws.  I did not tell this couple to take a picture in the middle of the street like this.  I did not ask permission to take their picture.  I was simply walking by at the right time.  I am no technical master of the arts- not by a long shot- but I learned a few cheats on the way:

a) Be there.

b) Have the camera turned on at all times and keep it in hand.

c) Leave the bloody lens cap at the house!

Cheat to win.  And it’s also ok to hope to get lucky.

(If it is hard to tell on your screen, the girl in the background is holding a camera and long lens very similar to the one in the dog’s paws.)


The Manhattan Bridge.  I’ll get a better grab of this awesome structure, but isn’t it amazing how this dwarfs all the buildings around it?  Manhattan is encircled by nineteen bridges- no two are alike and just about all of them are jaw-dropping, especially when considered they were built by men with shovels and hammers in hand.


So that was my morning, and now we head away from Front Street and back towards the subway.  Words feel a little short today, but I hope you enjoy the photos.


Only one didn’t make it out of town for the holiday- This reminds me of a story about a mobilization drill my Dad was put through while in the Army.  Everything in his yard moved…. except for one poor piece that simply wouldn’t start.

Eh… maybe the story of the Pontiac in the photo isn’t so bad.  Maybe it’s owners have a pair of cars in the lot and just took the other one to the Shore.

Maybe the story is simply what you make of it.  : )


Cheers everyone, and Happy Independence Day!

6 thoughts on “One-Hundred Eighty-Four.

  1. Love it!
    Same thing can be said about life. Just show up, be there. Amazing things are always happening.
    Good job! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


    1. You’re absolutely right- Every day we take a step forward and never backward. Even when some plans seem to fall through, they never fall through due to failure, but they are merely postponed and replaced with others. For example, a modest trip to Florida instead of Spain this year is yielding us a backyard patio to enjoy through the fall.


  2. As always, an awesome article. I loved seeing the famous bridges and the Freedom Tower in the background but it was that fantastic dog statue that really took the show. So glad you took this walk and shared your discoveries and thoughts. Happy 4th of July!


    1. Thank you- Yesterday was such a nice, somewhat cool day with almost no humidity so it made it perfect for a colorful walk. The dog was certainly the prize, though!
      …And as nice as the day was, the evening was the polar opposite! Clouds came in with a dense layer of humidity and it started raining right at 9pm to ruin most fireworks displays. It didn’t stop until sometime overnight and now this morning it feels like soup outside!
      Timing. : )


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