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Brief post- it has been a very long week combined with illness from this weather that seems to have completely lost its mind and car trouble that is doing its part to completely scramble my mind.

About the photo above, I’m sitting in a loaner Mini Cooper and the dealer was kind enough to give us the best thing that they had- a convertible. The only trouble with the convertible is that the only way to really enjoy it right now is sitting in the garage… Again, psycho weather.


I’m going to reserve my comments on whether or not I recommend the Mini brand until I have a clear frame of mind. Although we are looking at a very expensive repair in our car, I will say that after seven years of ownership, this is the first time we have really had to invest anything in the car beyond oil changes and tires.

But like the weather outside… When it rains, it pours.

Til next time-

One thought on “Ninety-Eight.

  1. Hoping the weather warms up enough so you can enjoy this convertible mini a little before returning it. Hope your health and car problems improve too.


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