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I had to call in a sick day yesterday.  Had a little tickle in my throat, so that immediately translates in my mind to “It was the best of times… it was the worst of times… but these are my final moments…”  As it turns out, I just needed some sleep.

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you try to get accomplished, nothing seems to go right and the result is very little gets done?  That was me today, for the most part.


This line is not for Retro Fitness.  It is for the DMV.  The Sheriff is not there to have her nails done at Ruby Nails.  She is there to dictate when and how many people may go inside the overly-stuffed DMV.  So I left without even trying…  it is 35 degrees outside!


I headed north to go to another DMV that is further from the house, but the last couple of times I have been there- it has been a real breeze to get through the process.  I’d rather drive in the climate controlled environment in the car than stand still outside.

While I was on the way I noticed this flag, and a massive damn on the Passaic River.  It is not supposed to be a big attraction, but they did build a small park alongside it and had a little walkway down to the bottom.


Again, it is a functional damn, so creating all the aesthetics that we see on the Hoover Damn is not present here, but it is still kinda impressive to watch the flowing water drop a few feet to the next level down.

The Passaic River has a relevant history that predates our founding as a nation, and was a direct result in the establishment of the area where I live and the required fuel and transit route for the industrial revolution in the area- which happens to be the dawn of the industrial revolution in our country.  I’ll tell you about it sometime… but for now, the NyQuil is doing its job.


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