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Let us start with the truck that simply made every other vehicle at the 2016 New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javitt’s Convention Center irrelevant.   Gull wing doors? Check.  Ultra modern take on timeless 1950s-1960s styling? Check.  Twenty-four inch wheels? Check.  Three-stair grand entrance to the spacious transport module interior so you feel like you are ascending to the grand stage to accept an Oscar?  Yes.  That’s a little added bonus.


Lincoln has done what few other manufacturers can do:  They took plays from their history book of classic American luxury sedans, and built upon it.  Yes, it is a navigator, but if you look closely you will see a lot of classic Town Car bloodline.  Like the matching exterior-interior color scheme.  Not in the way that your Gold on beige Corolla has done it… but in the way Frank Gehry would have wanted it.


The gull-wing doors are not just a desire to become the family car of choice for Back to the Future Part IV, but a neccesary element to allow for the staircase.  The only other means I can see of that working would be to have suicide doors that opened nearly perpendicular to the body of the car, but getting the door completely out of the way just makes things simpler.


And having gull wing doors removes a couple of vertical seams mid-body.  Slick.


The Bel-Aire.  Just another example of the perfect blending of exterior and interior color schemes.  Check out the drive-in screen ahead of the car and the speaker box outside the passenger door.  This is sooo much better than curling on a couch watching Nexflix on the iPhone.  When will our generation wake up??  I am glad Matil and I got to experience the drive in style once.


Here is another concept that pays tribute it its famous bloodline, but from an unlikely source:


Yes, sir.  Buick is back.  While in concept form, this 400HP rear wheel drive V6 is in serious market research mode.  Buick took elements from their racing heritage with the Grand Nationals and supercharged Regals and built this sweet coupe.  They are also promising to return to the Red-Silver-Blue logos starting with the next version of all their cars, as opposed to the single chrome badge design they have had recently.  Indeed, Buick and Lincoln have learned that often times, the best way forward is to study the past.  They do not need to chase Toyota and Volkswagen…  they come from a far better pedigree line.


They removed the B pillar between the door and rear porthole to give the coupe more airflow throughout the interior.  The roof is all glass.  The wheels are huge and the body lines along the fender and quarter panels are classic Buick.


Additionally, the dash is one long sweeping touchscreen display.  IPad meets Buick.


A far cry from Buick of the 1990s.

And speaking of a far cry from the 1990s….


Hyundai.  Not your 1.6 liter 4 cylinder Hyundai Accent ‘Deathtrap Edition’ from 1996.  This is a 5.0 liter V8 supercharged ‘Hellfire’ edition.  Hyundai has done so well with the Genesis line that they seem to be making it a spin-off company from Hyundai.  I did not even see the word Hyundai written anywhere on this display- nor were any Hyundais present at the show- which tells you the direction they want to go.

Freehold Hyundai used to heavily advertise the base model Accent for $9,990.  Now..  you could get around eight or nine of those Hyundai’s for the price of this coupe.  Who. Would. Have. Thought.


They were smart to pay homage to their hosts in the greatest city the world has ever known.  However…  I must put this in context.  Hyundai has a license plate cover.  General Motors has the Empire State Building and Chrysler has the Chrysler Tower.  So.. there’s that.  : )


Speaking of paying homage to the best of the best…


They will not allow us laymen near the Rolls Royce.  It is not out of disrespect, either.  Status, when properly achieved, must remain elevated over the masses, in the same way that the only time we are allowed to enjoy the splendor of Buckingham Palace is when Her Majesty the Queen is on retreat in Scotland during August.  And it’s funny…  we are allowed to elevate ourselves to Her Royal Home when she, in turn, elevates herself to the superior land of Scotland.

And I am definitely saying that to pay homage to my heritage.  I also rest easy because it is a true statement.  Just ask any Scotsman.  ; )

“The best road in England is the road to Scotland.”

— Kenneth Wyman (an Englishman!)


But I definitely do not mean to imply England is no good.  Castle Bromwich in Birmingham, England, is still producing some exquisite results with advanced materials and craftsmanship.



While it is stunning, I do hope that Jaguar takes a lesson from our friends at Lincoln and Buick and builds a model based on their history.  Let us have the Vanden Plas, again.  My Dad really needs that to happen.  Listen to him.  He’s a Scotsman!  He knows!  : )



In an effort to demonstrate to the world that they are taking the emissions scandal very seriously, our friends who created the Beetle are presenting us with an all-electric ultra-modern microbus.  Check out the diner style bench seating in the rear.  And the screen on the back wall is actually part of the car.  It has a camera on the back side of the TV to give you a digital version of the world outside, or it can be hooked up to more interesting things if the world outside just so happens to be the Jersey Turnpike or something.

If a car was made of ice cream, I think it would look like this.

Now let us part with American Muscle:


So that’s a wrap from the 2016 NY Auto Show.  There was also a whole basement level full of trucks, but I was like, “Where do they think I am? Texas?” : )


3 thoughts on “Eighty-Six.

  1. Lmao! Your jokes were great in this one. I really loved what you did with the pictures and the history of the cars. Who knew you were so into them 😊💗😉


    1. Oh it was all lucky guesses I suppose… Was I right about where the Jaguars are assembled? ; ) thanks- I liked the flow in this one also


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