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Today I took a stroll through Union Square Park, because it has never failed to present an opportunity to take a picture; although, the resulting images usually are as frustrating as they are controversial.  I’m having a hard time finding the words to clearly explain the thoughts about this place, so let me see if I can do it while explaining the scene above.

But first, let me say that while I do my best to show New York in its best light, I am not so foolish to think that it is all roses.  Every city has its weeds.  Normally I refuse to acknowledge their existence, but every now and again we must also take a good look and see what kind of bullshit their smoke and mirrors show is trying to conceal.

This is the character who plays Donald Trump.  He is getting into costume now.  Pay attention to the girl dressed in black on the right and the ‘Michael Moore’ type director on the left.  Also, I want to tell you that the Trump character and the girl…  my professional training and experience will tell you there is a very high probability of long term heroin usage going on with these two.  Think what you want about that but I am confident in my training and experience, and if I am to be proven correct then we must then ask ourselves, “What value is the opinion of a drug addict?”

I guess what I am saying is this:  Just because we have a couple of drug addicts putting on a demonstration in New York City does not mean all New Yorkers are drug addicts, liberals, retards, or whatever.  I take great offense to these sort of generalizations, and I pity the minds that are so small that they can somehow find some sort of legitimacy in stating all thirteen million people from every nation under the sun fit the same profile as these two people.  It is simply not the case.

Anyway…  what I am also hoping to demonstrate here is these two people are not liberals.  They are capitalists.  Maybe they were not always capitalists, maybe some part of them really believes what they are preaching…  but even they have a dark underbelly that says they love what it is they proclaim to hate- because they have bills, a need to eat, and a drug habit to support.  Let me explain.

Not I nor anybody else here could make the connection between Donald Trump and Jesus Christ carrying the cross, other than the coincidence that it is Easter Sunday.  But these guys know what they are doing.  They watched the YouTube on how to demonstrate:  Put some music on, get some large object that stands out in a crowd, and move about.  The crowds will come.

See the girl in black?  Her role is to look like a spectator.  She doesn’t actually need to record the demonstration… they have the Michael Moore guy for that.  She just needs to be seen… seeing the demonstrator.  Then others will coalesce.

So off he went, walking around the area trying to rally the people while dragging his cross.  He left this cardboard on the ground with the rest of his props… and suddenly it became clear.  Prices.  Money.  PAY ME.

But the ingredients, when properly mixed, will yield a cake.  The guy in the red pants initially appeared to be another street performer.  He had his own crowd already, and was doing break dance tricks and stunts.  Then the Trump character walked right through the middle of his show.  In street performances, you simply do not see this sort of disrespect.  It did not dawn on me initially, but red pants and Trump know each other.  It is not a separate act, but all one act!  So here comes the deceit.

Trump circles back to the starting position, and his cross fell apart miserably during the short walk.  I guess they don’t make crosses like they used to.  So he put the cross as you see it here, and then retrieved the one prop he would be certain not to leave home without: the price sheet.

Granted, most of the items on there are just for joke, but there is only one he cares about: the noodle.  It is the cheapest, because he knows that the $3 noodle strike will be seen as a bargain compared to the other items of vulgar nature.  But I ask… a bargain for WHO?  It is cheaper than the other items, but far more expensive then the free walk through Union Square.  Luckily, the overwhelming majority of the people here (and there wasn’t that many) are just interested in getting a few pictures or video for their social media interests and would never separate themselves from their earned greenbacks.

So what to do when the people aren’t willing to spend?  Well, call in the special teams, of course!  Here comes the guy in red.  He’ll pay to beat up Trump!  Except… of course… that he never paid anything.  I was watching for exactly that.  Why would he pay?  He is not a person interested in supporting this guy’s cause.  They are partners!  And don’t forget Michael Moore guy in the background getting tight shots of video to make all this seem larger than it really is.

But what happens anyway?  They prey on the weak.  And there are always weak members in crowds.

I left for a minute, but when I came back I saw the end of a noodle demonstration by the boy you see in the gray shirt, just beyond Trump.  Let us take a closer look at what is happening here:

The kid is done with the noodle at this point.  Trump is parading around with his price sheet looking for another victim.  The kid, already forgotten about by everyone other than the team members who are making sure he does not run off without paying, now has his hand out to take money from his mother who, judging by the huge open mouthed smile on her face, is more than happy to dig through her handbag to pull out three dollars to give away to this performer who did not make any sort of meaningful claim about his cause.  All we had here was some boxes shaped like a crucifix, a Trump mask, and the ability to strike him down with a foam noodle.  What does any of that even mean??

I don’t know… he doesn’t know… all he knows is those ingredients are making him a greenback cake.  And he will eat every bite, laughing all the way, and this kid will go home far worse for it- but he will not realize this.

Several minutes later we can still see red pants guy and girl in black hanging together while Trump tries to lure in another victim who peruses the price sheet- looking for the bargain.


Look at that same guy just a moment later.  Can you read the body language?  He is actually having a discussion with his significant other about the merits, the pros and cons, of ridding themselves of their earned money for this ridiculous demonstration.  Luckily the woman in red is far smarter than he is, because they did not participate in the end.

So, in closing, I want to reiterate that this Trump character is not a liberal.  He is not defending a frame of mind that suggests Trump is bad for America and some kind of tyrannical overlord.  He is a scam artist, nothing more.  He takes money from the people while protesting how Trump is going to take their money.   He is the pot calling the kettle black.  How pathetic is that?  Only half a pathetic as the woman who actually paid for her kid to participate in this mess, if I had to guess.

Having said that, let me say this:

Union Square Park was not built by people like this.  The buildings surrounding the park were not built by people like this.  The land was not donated to New York City by people like this.  The trees, bushes, flowers, and pathways are not maintained by people like this.  The vast majority of the people who walk through the park are not like this.  People like this scam artist character do not give- they only take.

Click Here to view the proper Union Square Park Gallery. These images should be the lasting impression, not the scam artist above.

You can read more about the statues, plaques, and history here.  It, like all great parks, is an Olmsted Park.  : )

4 thoughts on “Eighty-Five.

  1. Spring time in NY. So beautiful. The statue looked like Ghandi. I agree with your perspective about the scam artists. What delusional fools.


    1. Yes that on is Ghandi. If you click the link in the article you will see descriptions of all of them and some history about the square


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