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Something borrowed… something rented…

So just to recap, last fall we had our large oak tree removed because it had a cough due to a cold and was not getting any better.  The massive void in the backyard has allowed for an incredible increase in sunshine, so we decided we would double our garden space again.  After the tree was removed, I etched out a two foot border around the perimeter of our backyard with a large spoon… “because it hurts more.”  I used a bunch of the wood chips from the tree for mulch, and that got us through the winter nicely.


But now that the spring is coming in, the mulch would need to make way for the fertile soil underneath.  Now, really we should be waiting a few more weeks but this is what happens when we get a brief spell of warm weather.  : )



Big improvement, yes?  Zero additives in this soil- just one hundred percent Jersey topsoil.  Hummus-y, full of nitrogen, potassium, cocaine, cologne, and fibers from velvet tracksuits.  Perfect for growing almost anything!

The tiller turned wood chips and semi-packed dirt into a loose, aerated soil about six to ten inches deep, around the entire perimeter of the yard in about two hours.  I am so impressed with that machine.


So now our cucumbers and watermelon seedlings will soon have a new spot-

4 thoughts on “Eighty-Four.

  1. Your humor had me rolling with this one. 😂😂 Do I ever miss the Jersey soil compared to our miserable non-draining hard red clay. You may need to consider opening your own road market after this year. Spring arrived. Happy gardening!


  2. LOL! Loved the movie references! Miss that nice soil and green, green grass. Do Joey and Mandy like watermelon? My boys love it. I bring cubes of it to give them a refreshing snack on summertime walks. 🙂 They like cucumber, too. I just remove the skin and seeds.
    I’m definitely going to have to make a veggie garden one of these days. I’d love to grow some leaf lettuce and bell peppers.


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