Well save for a couple ceiling tiles that I need to pick up from Home Depot, I think the laundry room is about done! 


This is a proper way to construct a shelf. So much nicer looking than the dirty wire mesh nonsense they had previously installed. …The shelf is straight, it is the camera that was at an angle, making it look askew. : ) 


I applied polyurethane to the utility doors- I don’t know why the last guy left them bare. They obviously invested in the basement.. But just didn’t finish. 


So just to recap… All this because of a little drop of water coming from the back of the washer. New plumbing, new Sheetrock, new paint, new shelves, new utility sink with cabinet… This was a fun project.  

Now I’m debating whether to start the bathroom or the back patio…  



4 thoughts on “Eighty-One.

  1. Hey, owning a home will always have things that will keep you busy. The nice thing about owning your home is that there is a pride in any fixing you do.


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