Can you see the hope in her eyes?  It is as though we never feed her…  Anytime there is food, no matter what kind, Mandy comes running with drool lines in tow for certain items. 

I did a test some time ago to see how powerful her senses were.  Knowing that she was sleeping upstairs, I went to the kitchen and started moving things around.  No response from Mandy.  I crumpled the cereal bag, but no response.  She knows she does not get cereal.  I moved some cookies about, then the coffee, and then some other things that she does not eat.  No response from Mandy.  Then I opened a cabinet that some of her food was in and waited.  Again, nothing.  I removed a tub of peanut butter quietly.  I quietly unscrewed the lid and after about fifteen seconds, the unmistakable thud that is one of our dogs launching off of our bed and to the floor occurred.  And then it was the unmistakable thunder of Mandy running down the stairs- seeming to skip three for ever one she touches.  Then the scurry of her paws breaking traction on the tile floor the way Looney Tunes characters do.  Finally, Mandy joins me in the kitchen and often sitting just as you see here in the photo.  Out of breath?  No at chance.  Panting with an elevated heart rate? Nope.  Just ready to eat. 

And after five minutes, she will go back upstairs with peanut butter in her belly and her head on my pillow… That is until I decide I, too, want a sandwich and I touch the bread… then the cycle repeats as if history doesn’t exist and a sliver of bread were to be her first real meal in weeks. 

So what did I learn?  It takes fifteen seconds for the aroma of peanut butter to travel from our kitchen to our bedroom.

What led to the lines of drool today?

Emile’s zucchini boats stuffed with seasoned beef, tomatoes, cheese and onions. 

Sorry Mandy, better luck next time.  ; )


4 thoughts on “Seventy-Nine.

  1. Ok, so Mandy got some peanut butter. I hope you don’t forget Joey with a peanut treat too, or Joey and I will conspire not to send you a birthday card this year. : )


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