Short post today- 

I was working on some features with the camera before heading out, but then this beautiful weather turned a little weird for a few hours, and then became clear again by nightfall once it was too late to do anything.  But I created a little time lapse video, below, to share the weather with you guys while it was still nice.

Anyway, just to explain what we are looking at here:  B&W photography is measured in scales of gray, but did you know it is sensitive to the colors hitting the film/sensor, even thought they will not be replicated in the final image?  By removing colors from the scene through colored filters, we can greatly alter the image.  The picture above is a vibrant blue sky with white clouds.  Even though there is no red in the scene, a red filter is used to darken the sky and let the clouds pop. 

Here is a copy of what that image would look like without the filter:

It is an acceptable image, but it does appear a bit flat, right?  There are varying degrees of ‘pop’ that can be added to the final pictures- and it is all subjective, but I like pictures to be the equivalent of bold print.

So here is the short video with an excerpt of Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli:

Few things in this world so grand as puffy white clouds.  Since this is a techie article..  I’ll mention the stats here:  This video is made up of 360 pictures taken at 2 second intervals between shots, then played back at approximately 24 images per second in video form. 



3 thoughts on “Seventy-Six.

  1. Very cool. I love how striking the bare trees look with the red filter. Trees are just beautiful year-round. I also Googled the name of the song to see what it meant. Very nice. I like the "pop" at the end of the video, too! 😉


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