Winters, even the mild ones, take their toll on all of us- from the constant staring at seemingly dead trees and shrubs, to the skies absent of blue, and let us not forget the wind that attacks our skin in the same way that it skims the top layer of sand off the dunes.

March is the month of preparation.  I see neighbors that have spent the last several months in hibernation.  Cars appear clean in the driveway, and those driveways are also absent the white powdered salt.  Some neighbors are beginning to dig through their gardens, and others are simply finding nonsense things to do just to get out of the house. 

I, too, am preparing for the spring season but first I must finish with the laundry room.  So today I replaced some cheap wire shelving with wood.  More pictures on that to follow later, as I am still buttoning up the finishing touches. 

I must work quickly, though, because even though March arrives in its typical lion fashion, the end result is always the same:  April.  And by April, we must all be ready.

What about you? 

5 thoughts on “Seventy-Four.

  1. Everyone and everything everything is anxious for Spring in March. Even the daffodils can hardly wait to burst into bloom. What a difference a few weeks from now will make. 🙂


    1. Yes! On my bike ride I saw a couple of the cherry blossoms were in pre-bloom. That’s really early I think! Last year peak bloom was mid April.


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