Wow.  So this book I hope to create next year is going to be missing almost a full chapter!

First and foremost, thank you guys for your support and interest in this little project of mine.  It truly means a lot, and even though I slacked off a bit, I hope I can continue to receive your support because truly, this thing cannot happen if all I find myself doing is talking to myself.  : )

Today’s photograph is not of a camera, but it is of a search for inspiration.  I am not a painter, but I imagine that a painter can spend hours creeping through an art store picking up paint brushes, or feeling the texture of different canvases, or testing the spread an malleability of different paints in order to find the combination that inspires him or her to create.  The same goes for writers, illustrators, musicians… even dentists, mechanics, and electricians will have certain tools of their trades that inspire them to work… not harder at their craft, but better. 

In that regard, I have learned over the past month that I simply cannot do without a fine paintbrush.  You see, the first thirty or so posts were taken with a Fujifilm camera, and it is a camera that inspires me to pick it up and use it.  I’m sure that might sound crazy if it is interpreted as just words… but it is the truth, for me at least. 

In the beginning of February I felt like I could do without a higher-end camera and create these posts with a small Sony point and shoot camera instead.  The Sony is a great little camera, and as you can see from the February and March posts that I have on here- it is quite capable at taking vibrant, sharp pictures.  What you can also see in the February and March sections is gaps in posts.  There should be one post a day- but alas, I just completed a ten day absence from posting anything at all.  I haven’t even had the desire to take a picture.  Then when Matil questioned me about the absence and my boredom, along with getting some messages from a few of you folks, I began to feel a little embarrassment because I set out to complete a task and I am not really the sort to quit anything.  But I was watching myself quit this pastime in present tense.  “That’s a no-go, Priv…”

So I spent a little time trying to figure out what my problem was because it did not dawn on me that the camera was the problem, initially. 

Then again… the Fujifilm camera pictured above arrived at the house yesterday.  This post is here today.

So yeah… just like my post below on the Purdy brush….  I simply cannot do well with less.  This is a lesson I need to remember because I stumble over this silliness more than I care to admit. 


11 thoughts on “Seventy-Three.

  1. Excellent glad to see you are back on the horse. Take a lesson from your sister Ali: when the horse knocks you off, get up punch it in the face (no animal abuse here, for those reading who don’t know her: she’s the gentlelest soul I have ever met) and get back on it. 😊☺️


    1. You are right- and I’ll do my best to keep that in mind. But it is usually me that needs the punch, not the horse… ; )


  2. Glad to see you’re back! I’ve missed seeing your pictures and reading your words. That’s really what my text was about a couple weeks ago. 😉 Matil, is right. Always get back on the horse. If part of the "ride" gets a little stale, it’s time to change it up a bit. Change equipment, location, time, subject, et cetera. Having the right equipment for the project is always a bonus, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what inspires you over the next few weeks! 🙂


    1. I agree with you completely. I may have become a little overwhelmed, because originally it was supposed to be one photo a day and that quickly turned into a series a day. The dogs at the beach is easy, but the Lambert Castle became consuming, and even with the time I afforded it, I still felt unprepared to properly explain its history.
      So I want to continue with nice series like the castle, but maybe I need to have a few days or a week of solo shots in between.


  3. Quality over quantity. The artist may be very good, but without proper equipment s/he can’t achieve the vision. Glad to see you’re back!


    1. Thanks Susan-
      You know, I felt a little frustrated with myself because in the middle of reading War of Art, I found myself slowing on my art. Resistance was winning!
      But in my defense, the laundry room I am working on is an area where resistance is clearly losing. This room is becoming a second living room…
      So I am basically done with that project, I got over this idea that an iPhone or snapshot camera is good enough for me (it never was…), and we march forward!


  4. Glad to see you back Mark. Give your self some credit. I don’t think a painter can push out a painting every day, or a writer who has all day to write a column for a newspaper as that is their full time job. You on the other hand has a full time job. So, credit to you for taking the time to find the right photo and to write about it while working a full time job. Therefore if you have to some time off, no big deal. Like all past posts, I’ll enjoy all future posts.


    1. Thanks Dad, that means a lot. And your right in that I am not lucky enough to spend my workday taking pictures and writing- I guess I have not really looked at the time like that, but I should have. On s lighter note, I have hope that one day someone will win the lottery and choose to support my cause. : )


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