There are few things in this world so grand as a brand new Purdy paintbrush.  I’m not exaggerating here, either!  Let me explain…

Back when we were newly married, I tried using the economy brushes.  I scoffed at the notion of spending $15 on a single paintbrush.  Who does Home Depot think I am?  Bob Ross?  I had these kinds of thoughts repeatedly…each and every time I bought a new cheap paint brush.  I told myself, “Surely the more expensive paint brushes need to be replaced after each and every use, just like the cheap junk I am using…”

And then a few years back, as it happened, I perused all the candy in Candyland (Home Depot) once more.  I was on my quest to find the hidden treasure, the secret bargains, the answer to all our home improvement dreams when… I selected my first Purdy brush.  Maybe I thought I would prove to the world once and for all just how much a ripoff these brushes are!!  Or maybe I was feeling a little full of myself, like I was a high roller or something.  Maybe I told the clerk I can’t wait to get outside and chuck my new Purdy paintbrush on the passenger seat of my Mercedes convertible like I just don’t care! 

Nah, that last part isn’t true.  I was still living in Georgia at that time so I would have said my Mercedes pickup truck or something in order to prevent the eye rolling. 

Anyway- after a single brush stroke, I knew I was forever a changed man.  The sky appeared more blue.  The grass was more green!  And brush strokes? Nevermore!  Bob Ross?  Pfft.  Bob Ross wishes he could apply the paint with the precision I now precisely apply .  Disposable?  No.  These brushes are to be cared for with warm soapy water.  These are heirloom brushes.  I damn near unilaterally decided to have a kid for that sole purpose!  But alas, I am greedy and later decided I would rather be buried with my Purdy collection.  Also, maybe the Pharaohs need some stuff touched up in the afterlife. 

So I guess what I am saying is that this paintbrush is worth the fee.  

(For my DRE friends… let’s just go ahead and call inhalants here…)

Took like ten minutes to get the primer up.  Now we are getting somewhere…

And here I thought I wasn’t going to have anything to say about today’s photo.


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