While I was down the shore with the dogs a week ago, I took a few more snaps that I didn’t use previously, but I thought that they still deserve a place in the series.  This is the farmhouse at Longstreet Farm in Holmdel, New Jersey- otherwise known to Clan Wyman as “The Big Hill.”

Lunch break.

Lunch break.

I did not get a shot of “The Big Hill,” because on the way up to it, Joey decided he had about enough walking and would not go anywhere other than the direction back to the truck.  But the story is simply this:  We had a hill in our back yard growing up that made for a lot of adventures, not the least of which was our own sled resort come winter time.  When we wanted a bigger adventure, we would pack up the car and go to Longstreet Farm where there was a much larger hill for sledding- equipped with bumps and everything.  It is a great park in a greater neighborhood, with live farm animals, re-enactments, museum, long trails… 

The Macaroon Shop in Avon-by-the-Sea is a spectacular bakery, specializing in Italian sweets.  An Italian bakery is a staple in many neighborhoods, and this one happen to be my sister’s favorite.  And it is quite good!

So I sent an order to the decidedly bakery-free south for our family to enjoy… and it went over so well that a second batch will be there later this week! 

Lastly… there is this picture from the Passaic train station.  To see people run a dead-sprints for the trains is quite a sight from where I am seated most times…  It seems like it would be so easy to just get there on time, but missing a train is a hard lesson learned usually only once or twice.  That is to say I do not recall ever seeing the name sprinter twice.  So as I came across this yarmulke laying int he middle of the parking lot, I couldn’t help but wonder a couple of things:  How fast was this man running that this top cover blew right off his noggin, and secondly, why didn’t he notice?!? 

Maybe I am wrong, but the way these clip onto a piece of hair, I would think that they would feel it instantly as it left their dome.  It seems like it would be akin to a shoe coming off in a dead sprint:  you would notice it immediately! 

Then again… maybe he did and he had a spare. 

ps- Secret tip for you train commuters:  If you want the train to stop while you are in a dead sprint, do not run with a single coffee in your hand.  Either ditch the coffee or bring three.  Because with one coffee in your hand, we can’t help but think to ourselves “If the train was so important, why did he/she not forego to coffee?”  We think this as we depart.  Without you.* 

*Not because we are mean, but because we would literally have hundreds of ticked off passengers that made it on time questioning our actions.  And because we are thirsty. 

4 thoughts on “Fifty-Nine.

  1. Awesome post. What fun winter memories we had of you kids sledding down our backyard hill but the very best was "the big hill" of Long Street Farm. I’m homesick for familiar sights like the Macaroon Shop. Thanks for the 2nd delivery. Can’t get those delights down here!! Sure love these daily posts & pictures.


  2. Yay!! One of my favorite hang-outs with Ginger was the arboretum at Longstreet Farm. We also walked the trails and the big hill. 🙂

    And the Macaroon Shop! The BEST! Thank you for the goodies!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Your welcome! I’ll be back there to take some better photos, I got all year for that! Joey got tired and so that meant it was quitting time.


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