What happened?!?

There has been an absence of blog posts this week, but it has not been for a lack of effort in other areas.  This is a short catch-up article, and it looks like I should be back to work on this little project starting tomorrow. 

So anyway, the above is basically the ‘before’ image of our laundry room.  Recently we picked up a washer and dryer set, and it came with Costco’s white glove delivery and installation, included.  The guys that delivered, in fact, did not wear white gloves so if there are any pro-bono lawyers out there, I think we might have a case of false advertisement.  Additionally, the numbskull that screwed on the hot water line had cross-threaded it with the nylon fitting on the washer, thereby destroying it.  I noticed the small dripping leak on Tuesday. 

Of course it could be replaced under warranty, but who has a week or more to wait for the warranty service to do their part, and what if they sent the same guy?!? So I found the part online, and decided I would replace it myself since they were only asking $20 for it.  My impatience waiting for warranty repairs would cost far more than that. 

So what to do for the next two days?  I mean… it is winter and they accurately predicted a deluge of a rainstorm that would last the entire 48 hour period. 

I decided I would not only fix the small leak on the washer… but I would finally tackle some much needed updating. 

In the top image, the washer is missing from the photo.  The washer sat where the square hole in the wall was, and that overly-large hole exposed the water valves….. and nothing else.  The washer dumped into the slop sink to the left.  I understand that this was common back in time… but it is not common now.  Additionally, the slop sink was to the left of the main waste line, which is inefficient. 

So new plumbing!  From morning to night for the last few days I have been steadily working on this project, getting it completed as neatly as possible.  I have removed a lot of shortcuts from the original basement-finisher and made everything much stronger. 

Today I finished up with the sheetrock so now the only things that remain are the compounding and paint.  Finished project is probably about a week from today, because now it is Sunday, we have blue skies, temps will be in the mid 50’s, and the dogs want to hit the beach. 

Shore Points!



4 thoughts on “Fifty-Eight.

  1. I am so sorry to hear of the grief the installer gave you. I’m also proud that you handled it yourself and now have an even better setup. What a great job you did too. I remember those slop sinks. We had one in Mt. Holly & Pop Pop never changed it so hats off to you. Shows your Dad trained you well.


    1. I wanted to get rid of the old one since we moved in… it was in rough shape. As they should be, I guess… but I want it to be my mess, not theirs. Just wait until you see the new one… : )


    1. More than I thought I was, even. I feel pretty good with tackling house projects… just need more time and money, but that never changes I guess.


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