Certainly had a busy day with some much-needed good weather yesterday, and that is why this post is late.  Being busy is the best excuse for why something isn’t done, right? 


Exit 102

Exit 102

With temperatures near 50 degrees and wind near nil, it made a great excuse to pile the dogs in the truck and head to the place where my earliest memories were formed: Shore Points!

Keeping hold of the dogs and taking award-winning photographs is a trying experience, so I decided to forego the latter and focus on the dog’s enjoyment of the winter escape.  I’ll tell you what happened here, though:  Mandy ran in to drink the ocean… because that is what Mandy assumes is to be done with any body of water, anywhere it is.  As she did so, she did not realize that the waves were going to crash on her and when they did…  well it was great to watch!

Behind Joey, you can see the sand dunes that they build up in the winter time to protect the boardwalk from winter storms.  And the boardwalk is definitely worth protecting now that they spared no expense by constructing it of composite deck boards.  Oh, our dogs wink.  A lot. 

They are finally repairing this old fisherman’s pier.  You can’t really tell in the photo but the outer section is completely new.  The section int he foreground, well, look how worn the pilings are!  The large gray cylinders around a few of them seem to be holding split sections together.  It looks like hell, but this rickety old pier has endured everything Mother Nature has thrown its way… and that is really saying a lot.  We have had storms that have made stone jetties disappear, storms that have lifted the boardwalk and sent it across the street, and one particular hurricane that opened a new inlet to the inter-coastal waterway just a few miles south of here…  but this old beast still stands ready.

So that was our day.  I had just enough time to thoroughly wear out the dogs, see some of the old stomping grounds, soak up the sun, and then get called for extra work last night.  So it made for a full day, and I’ll definitely be back with the dogs more before the April deadline to their freedom of beach access. 

Til next time-


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