I imagine that spray painting a pink flower on the ends of an old stone bridge is akin to a child using a marker to write, “I love you, mom” on the living room wall. -We are disappointed with the action, but also, we have to laugh a little at it.  


This is stone bridge is built on the pedestrian running path in Branch Brook Park. The park is the grandest in the Essex County Park System, which was the first such park system established in the United States. The two mile long running loop pictured here is made of recycled rubber- it is really nice on the knees.  And even though this park is nestled in the north end of Newark, NJ, the little pink flower is the only graffiti you will find here. In April, this flower will be joined by more than four thousand pink and white cherry blossom trees when they reach peak bloom. And I’ll be sure to have film in the camera- 

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