When the mercury suddenly rises twenty degrees in the middle of February, there is only one thing that must be done in our household: Get the dogs out of the house!  They get demonstrably bored like ‘the restavus,’ but unlike us, they prove it so through constant crying of ever-increasing volume, chewing random valuables, kicking up the rugs in the bathroom…  So today we went to the park.  Liberty State Park.  -I have not been there in a little while, and wanted to make sure everything was in good order. 

The Park is actually quite large, and without getting into too much detail I’ll just say that the typical side everybody visits is the Northeast side.  That is where the marina, restaurants, and ferries for Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty launch from.  The southeast corner used to be a shipping terminal and has since been retrofitted into the park.  Probably because it is actually a bit far from the rest of the attractions, it really does not see too many visitors.  For this reason, I went to the southeast corner so that I could let Mandy run free on her long leash.  

The statue above has been standing tall since 1985, but shamefully it is the first time I have seen it.  Maybe it will give an interest for any of you locals to check out the quiet side of the park next time you’re in town?  Here is the inscription:

Dedicated to America’s role of preserving freedom and rescuing the oppressed, this monument, by Natan Rapoport [sic], of an American soldier carrying a World War II concentration camp survivor was gifted to the State of New Jersey through the generosity of thousands of people of good will. May 30, 1985.

— Liberty Park Monument Committee

Now take a second look at the monument.  Do you see the Star of David, tattooed serial number, and tattered clothing on the gaunt and unjustly-accused “prisoner?”

Today, our problems are small.  What luck we must all share to have been born outside the grasp of true tyranny, torture, and hate. 

Here is the statue in context- with Lady Liberty in the background. 

My buddy. 



2 thoughts on “Fifty-One.

  1. That was so interesting and beautifully written. Thank you for remembering & honoring our courageous heroes who never sought praise but only to serve and help a fellow man.


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