So today was a good day for the blogging conglomerate that is Today, one of my staff members delivered our first piece of physical fan mail. : ) 


It came in the form of a book to assist me with the struggle to continue creating even when, or maybe I should say –especially when– it feels pointless to continue. Or when I feel like I have run out of ideas. Or when the weather just plain stinks. Or when my shoes are untied. Or any other of equally important reas… No…. Excuses. That’s the word. Excuses. 


Here is an excerpt from somewhere in the middle of the book. …Am I the only one that pops open a book to the middle, starts reading a paragraph in the middle of whatever page, and decides a book’s value based on that passage? It’s so much more accurate than reading dust covers. Anyway: 


“Do I really be leave that my work is crucial to the planets survival? Of course not. But it’s as important to me as catching that mouse is to the hawk circling outside my window. He’s hungry. He needs to kill. So do I. ” -Pressfield. 


Thaks, Susan. The book passed the test and I think I’ll enjoy it immensely. 


Oh, and the photo? I’m at my library, of sorts.  





7 thoughts on “Forty-Eight.

      1. I checked out that page- "All of us are pros in one area: our jobs."

        Pressfield is making the argument that we slave ourselves to "jobs" because it is ingrained in us to do so. However, why not slave ourselves to our creativity? Why not treat creativity with the same respect that we show our attendance record at work? To say it another way: Whatever our art is, make-it- our reason for getting out of bed. Give -it- a schedule… and the creation will follow.

        Very. Good. Book.

        I dont know how you came across it, but I think I am lucky you did.


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