Timing.  Time.  Life is all about the timing, right?  Time to stay, time to go, time to spend and time to save. 

In March of 2015 I was giving a Sony camera a run for its money, and the reason I have this picture is because at that time, B&H Photo-Video did not have an ultra wide angle lens I was looking for in stock.  As a result, I found out Sony had their own store near St Patrick’s Cathedral and they had the lens in stock.  Sure, I could have ordered it but… time.  It is easier and often better to run into the city than to deal with UPS, which is flaky at best around here.  And always late.  (Time to… waste?) 

It was a nice blue sky day, one that makes for good bright city-scapes, so long as the deep shadows can be avoided.  Anyway, that’s all topics for another day.

After walking down a few blocks on Fifth Avenue, I was comparing the newly acquired lens with the one I had been using.  What better than St. Paddy’s?  An icon in the most powerful city this world has ever known.  And just like that… timing kicked in again.  Pigeons.  Nothing adds life to stories of stone, concrete, glass, and steel quite like a little addition of wildlife. 

So with all the rain today, it was no time to take any great pictures.  (Seriously, I was going to take a picture of my Playstation controller and talk about all that I did today (s)….) So this time, I chose to heed my father’s advice and dig into my personal archives. 

Now it is time to go.  ; )

4 thoughts on “Forty-Seven.

  1. This is a gorgeous picture. Does the building a lot of justice. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

    I throughly enjoyed reading about time, and thinking that we have been pretty lucky with our time. We may not always see it that way in the present moment, but looking back, it all looks great. 😊


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