The only time Joey doesn’t eat standing is when ice cream is on the menu!  He has always assumed this exact position- he cannot stand and he can barely balance himself when the cream of ice is afoot.  He falls on his stomach, throws his paws out to the side in what seems to be a last hope to remain upright, and falls into an absolute trance.  As the late afternoon sun pours through our dining room window in a valiant effort to add a beautiful drama to this ceremony of dessert, all Joey knows is the ice cream.  This.. was not the first photo with flash I took.  I took about ten.  He did not flinch.  He did not know I was there.  It is like this every time. 

The real ‘Joe Cool.’


3 thoughts on “Forty-Six.

  1. I know Joey likes his ice cream. Just like our Benji did. Benji loved to go to the little "Ice Cream Store" on Asbury Ave for he knew he would also get a taste of that cool refreshing flavor.


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