I took these few snaps the other day, but couldn’t fit them in to the posts that I wrote for the last few days so I decided to save them for a day with less than ideal weather. As it turns out, that day is today the next few days.

It is not the winter I am having trouble with. It is not the rain, or the snow, or even the wind. It is the beyond bitter cold. It was colder today than it was last night, and by the time the weekend hits it is supposed to be well into the negatives! Come on!! : )


Also as a matter of coincidence, it seems the stock market may be on many of your minds since The Dow closed a whopping 1,000 points lower than it did a month ago, and 20% lower than it did in the past ten months. 

Maybe you have seen a photo similar to the one above before, but here is the background:  It is George Washington standing on the steps to Federal Hall and staring out towards the New York Stock Exchange.

Wall Street.

George Washington was in approximately the same position when he swore his oath of office as the first President of the United States of America.  But according to the factual record of history, there is one distinct change to the facts that seems so purposefully symbolic:

Do you know what it is? 

I am standing on Broadway, looking north.  The New York Stock Exchange is the building on the left, and Federal Hall faces us in this photo, With George Washington standing tall in front. 

Here is a hint:  The building on the right did not exist when he was inaugurated.  Do you see the change, yet?

Inauguration Day - April 30, 1789

Inauguration Day – April 30, 1789

I went back in time to 1789 and bought a drone from John Smith’s Feed & Drone to take this photo.  Here is what I see:  Federal Hall looked different in 1789, as Broadway was raised in subsequent years and buildings were… built.  The New York Stock Exchange did not exist in Washington’s time as commander in chief.  The building Georgie Boy is staring at was completed long after his death, in 1903!  In fact, stock trading did not exist in New York City until 1817. 

The historical record in the Federal Hall, and they have many drawings from the media that was present that day… shows Washington standing on stage left, facing Robert Livingston, Chancellor of New York, who then swore him in to office.  Over Livingston’s right shoulder, there would have only been one tall structure in view, as nothing else existed:

Saint Paul’s Chapel.  Not that current building, but a large church nonetheless and a grave site that includes defenders of the New American Freedom. 

And that makes sense, right?  And it seems carefully orchestrated, as far as positioning goes, right?  It was.  In a time period where religion was very important to people’s daily lives, there is no way that the new President would have been allowed to have his back turned to the church… especially when his hand was on the bible. 

But that is exactly what happened here with this monument.  He is no longer looking towards the church, but instead he is looking at the NYSE.  He is not looking down Broadway… He is not looking at what would have been the public that was present that day… He is not looking at anything other than the NYSE.  His head is elevated over the people and pointed at the columns on the building at 11 Wall Street.  Money. 

If the statue was facing straight ahead, that is one thing.  But it is not.  It is canted.  It is… askew!

That’s what I see, anyway. 



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